• 1:23

    Get our tips on how to work the ball in golf. Despite advances in clubs and balls, there are other ways to work the ball in your favor out on the course.

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  • 1:58

    In this video, PGA Professional Eric Hogge explains what to do if you have a difficult approach shot on a windy day. Eric explains how to move up a club, while only swinging with a portion of your full power as well as some finer details. After listening to these tips, you will be better…

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  • Hinge and Pop Shot

    In this video you’ll learn the hinge and pop speciality shot. PGA Professional Rafael Floriana shows you what to do for those times you are up against an obstacle. Typically, you would not be able to swing the club in this position, but with the hing and pop shot you are able to advance the ball and make the most of a tough situation. Learn how to get out of a bad situation with this handy shot!

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  • Specialty Shots

    This video explains how to hit a speciality shots when a tree or obstruction force you to swing from the opposite side of the ball. PGA Professional Brad Redding shows you and alternative to hitting this shot by demonstrating two different options for such a scenario, one for the advanced player and one for the beginner. Watch this video to learn this effective alternative.

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  • Troublesome Trees

    A tree lined fairway is a beautiful sight, but what do you do when one of those wonderful trees interferes with your next shot? In Troublesome Trees PGA professional Blake Cathey demonstrates a variety of options for just these types of situations. In this lesson you will see the proper club, grip and stance needed to shoot over, under or around those troublesome trees.

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