• 1:07

    How to Line Up a Golf Shot: Accounting for Parallax

    In this free video lesson, PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you how to line up a golf shot properly by keeping in mind how parallax affects your line of sight, your target selection, and the result of your swing. Because of binocular parallax most amateur golfers end up aiming to the left of their target,…

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  • 1:27

    How to Build a Proper Golf Backswing: Get Rid of the Backswing

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you how to achieve a proper golf backswing by adding a pump at the top of your swing. According to TJ, the backswing is where 75% of your errors occur, so why not eliminate those errors by implementing a no backswing swing? TJ shows you…

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  • 1:17

    Golf Exercises for Better Technique: The Pelvic Thrust Drill

    Few amateur golfers understand how important the movement of the pelvis is at the bottom of the golf swing in transition through the impact zone. When you push your hips forward as you make contact with the ball, your club head will lift off its path, which will cause you to misfire. But if you…

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  • 0:59

    Golf Exercises for Greater Distance: The Coil Drill

    Greater coil in your shoulders equates to higher torque, increased club head speed, and longer drives. Most amateur golfers haven’t been taught the concept of coil, but we think it’s important for everyone to understand what coil is and how it can be improved. So in this free lesson, PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you…

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  • 0:49

    Blinding Yourself to the Results

    When we practice hitting different clubs at the driving range, we tend to focus too much on the flight of the ball and the result of each shot. What we should be doing, instead, is focusing on mechanics. The goal of a training session is consistency, and that comes from honing muscle memory through proper…

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  • 1:11

    Perfecting Golf Swing Tempo

    In this free lesson, PGA Professionals TJ Tomasi and Ali Jean Wells teach you a quick drill to smooth out your swing by perfecting your golf swing tempo. Perfect timing, and thus solid contact, is a matter of maintaining proper tempo from start to finish. You can’t become a consistent player until you find the…

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  • 1:00

    What is Your Ideal Golf Swing Plane Angle?

    One of the most underemphasized but essential components of a solid golf stroke is the golf swing plane angle. Sound mechanics are vital for consistency and muscle memory, and practicing your swing plane angle is a crucial component of expert technique. In this lesson filled with free golf tips, PGA Professional TJ Tomasi explains the…

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  • 0:56

    Moving the Marks: How Painting Your Club Face Improves Your Swing

    In this free lesson PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you a quick tip for building a more consistent golf swing. By spray painting your club face, you can see where you tend to make contact with the ball. If you try to move the marks closer to the sweet spot, we guarantee you’ll start to…

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  • 0:54

    Countering the Cyclops Syndrome

    The yips often happen because you’re losing track of the ball at the top of your swing with the eye that’s farthest from the ball. It’s pretty easy to understand why; the ball shifts from your focus as you turn away in the backswing, and requires adjustment on the down, which can be tricky. To…

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