• Power and Accuracy Off the Tee

    Every amateur golfer wants to improve their accuracy and power with a driver in their hands, but they often believe proficiency off the tee involves swinging harder. Well the truth is, swinging bigger and faster is about as effective for hitting the driver farther and more accurately as putting a forty-footer without reading the green.…

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  • Teeing Ground

    This video contains the rules involving the teeing ground. This includes how to tee a ball, the status of the tee markers, what to do if a ball falls off the tee, and the procedure for playing outside the teeing ground.

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  • Answers To Your Questions

    Get answers to your golf questions. PGA professional Joe Hallett discusses club fitting and fitness in this video. He also explains the two different kinds of swings called the “up and down swing” and the “around swing.” You will learn the basic and psychological mistakes most amateurs make. You will also learn the checklist you should go through before every tee shot to keep things simple. Get back to the basics in your stance and on the tee!

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  • how to drive a golf ball

    The tee shot is perhaps the most important of all shots you’ll hit on the golf course, as it sets the tone for the rest of the hole. Put yourself a long way out in the fairway with an ideal line to the hole, and you stand a good chance at scoring well. All golfers…

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  • Rule 13: Ball Played As It Lies

    In this video you’ll learn about Rule 13 which covers playing a ball as it lies. You’ll learn that there are some specific actions you can take within the tee box that are not permissible on other parts of the course. This video also covers the actions that are prohibited when your ball is in a hazard.

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  • Avoiding the Slide

    Learn how to avoid the slide with your golf swing. PGA Professional Tom Henderson shows you how to rotate with you golf swing instead of sliding. To demonstrate the difference Tom sets up several teaching aids you can find around your house. These aids can be used on the driving range to help you align your shot and become mindful if a slide is present in your golf swing.

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  • Upper Cut Drill

    In this video you will how to uppercut your tee shot. PGA Professional Mark Drenga explains what your attack angle is and how to improve it. By uppercutting your tee shot you will get more distance with your drive. Mark demonstrates how to give the ball an upward blow by improving your swing and ball position. He also talks about a launch monitor and how this device can be used to measure your attack angle so you can hit the ball further with your driver.

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  • Help It Down Drill

    This video teaches you the Help It Down drill. PGA professional Joseph Hallett shows you how to improve your tempo and timing with this drill. The Help It Down drill helps pros and amateurs unite their upper and lower body. This will imrpove your down swing tempo and solve problems like bad contact of the tee and wild shots to the left and right.

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