• Eliminating Miss Hits

    In this video, PGA Professional Adam Smith teaches you how to eliminate miss hits. You will learn about spine angle, head position and swing path. You’ll also learn an easy 5 minute drill you can do at home to help you get better balance and posture. By practicing these drills you will reduce your miss hits by maintaining stability through your swing. At the end of the video PGA professional Tom Henderson shows you several drills to improve your balance, rhythm and tempo.

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  • Fine Tuning Distance

    This video teaches you how to fine tune your distance. PGA professional Trent Wearner explains the factors you need to consider to help you choose the right club. He explains how to apply these factors to your yardage and why it’s important to make sure you don’t have any yardage gaps. At the end of…

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  • Ball Flight Geometry Drill

    As with most scenarios in golf, the solution is often very simple; it’s the execution that gets golfers in trouble. Slowing down your swing can help you quickly rediscover a smooth tempo, controlled golf stroke and straight golf ball flight. However, when the frustration builds, many amateur players begin to feel as if their swing…

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  • Hitting From the Knees Drill

    This video shows you the “Hitting From the Knees” drill. PGA professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates this drill and explains how it helps you maintain the proper spine angle in your swing. You will learn the mistake most amateurs make with their spine angle as well as what happens when you make that mistake. By using the “Hitting From the Knees” drill you’ll become a better ball striker and more consistent player.

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  • Smallest Movement in Golf

    In this video you’ll learn how to transfer your weight during your downswing. PGA Professional TJ Tomasi shows you a drill to help you know when to rotate your weight through the swing. By placing a club under your left foot and stepping down, will will learn to better time your weight transfer. TJ explains while it may seem subtle, professional golfers are masters at rotating their weight through and soon you will be too.

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  • Office Drill for Swing Plane

    In this video you will learn a drill to improve your swing plane. PGA professionals Mike Adams and Joe Hallett demonstrate a drill that requires three simple props that you can set up in your home and office. You will learn how to set up the props and how to practice the ideal swing angle. The drill is easy and helps you practice your swing plane whether you’re at your home, office or golf course.

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