• Wet Ground Conditions

    Eventually every golfer is faced with a challenging shot from casual water. In Wet Ground Positions PGA professional Blake Cathey demonstrates the techniques needed for successfully playing your ball in these situations. In this lesson you will see how small changes to your stance and hand placement will help you achieve a better result with these tough shots.

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  • 100 Yards To Go

    In 100 Yards To Go, former PGA Teacher of the Year Peter Krause demonstrates how a single club can be utilized to hit a variety of approach shots. In this lesson, Peter teaches the principles of grip position and ball placement, and how each effects the loft and distance of your shot. By varying your grip from low to high and addressing the ball from the front to back of your stance, he’ll show you show to use a single club to hit perfect approach shot in various situations.

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  • Proper Bunker Technique

    In Proper Bunker Techniques, PGA Professionals Bill Forrest and Kevin Weeks demonstrate several practical techniques for improving your bunker play. In this lesson you will learn how to correctly set your feet and position your weight so that your club head properly strikes the ball. Also included is a practical demonstration of how to vary your shot set up and swing plane in order to hit a successful bunker shot in various sand conditions.

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