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    Leap Frog Golf Chipping Game for Better Short Game

    They don’t call them the scoring shots for nothing. Pitches around the green are crucial for a solid score, as accuracy with the short stick can often mean the difference between tap-in up-and-down and three-putt from fifty feet. That’s why PGA Professional Michael Peterson spends so much time working with his students on their pitching…

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  • Advanced Set-Up

    Advanced Set-Up

    In this video you will learn an advanced set up for chipping. PGA Professional Dr. Jim Suttie explains the proper chipping stroke for steep and shallow shots. You will learn about the “U” shaped swing verses the “V” shaped swing and when you should use each around the green. Dr. Suttie also teaches you a drill to help you with your feel by practicing with a 5 iron. By understanding your lie and loft, you’ll learn how to hit the right club with the right swing.

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  • Chipping Away Your Score

    Chipping Away Your Score

    This video uncovers the secrets to making you a great chipper. PGA Professional Mike Bender shows you how to hit chips with different trajectories: low, medium, high and flop. He demonstrates what to do with your wrists, arms, elbows, shaft angle, club head and follow-through to ensure you hit consistently good chips. You will learn the mistakes amateurs make with their chipping and discover chipping drills to improve your short game.

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  • Safer Short Shots

    Safer Short Shots

    In this video you’ll learn how to play safer short shots. PGA Professional Christopher Smith teaches you the keys to hitting safe short shots, maximizing your ground time and minimizing your air time. To do this, you will learn the Two Step Drill. You’ll also learn a drill to help your practice feel more like you’re on the course. By simulating course conditions, you’ll be better prepared to handle things like increased heart rate and fatigue.

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  • Unconventional Shot Selection

    Unconventional Shot Selection

    In this video, you’ll learn some unconventional shot selections you can incorporate into your game. PGA Professional Dr. Jim Suttie demonstrates how to hit atypical shots around the green when the right situations presents itself. You’ll learn about the “one lever stroke” for your 3 iron and your hybrid and you’ll learn about the “two lever shot” for your gap wedge. By practicing unconventional shots you’ll develop greater feel and be prepared to take advantage of unique situations around the green.

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