• Curing Hard Pulls, Pushes and Shanks

    In this video you’ll learn how to cure pulls, pushes and shanks. PGA professional Adam Smith teaches you how to square to the target line by going through several drills. Then, you will learn about shanks and hosel shots and how to fix them. Joe Hallet teaches you about getting fitted for the right club

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  • Chipping: Curing the Shanks and Chunks

    Curing the shanks and chunks when chipping can be easy. PGA Professional Kevin Weeks shows you how you can incorporate a towel and a 2 by 4 into your practice to ensure you never shank the ball again. Then Kevin shows you how to keep the weight on your forward side by using a paint can when practicing to eliminate chunks. Practice chipping using these simple tips and shanks and chunks will become a thing of the past.

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