• 2:29

    The Basics for Beginning Golfers

    In this free video lesson, PGA Certified Professional Rafael Floriani teaches some of the most important things beginning golfers need to understand in order to learn and enjoy this great game. These include the essentials to any good golf swing, such as making clean contact and easing tension in the arms.

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  • 1:58

    How to Position the Ball in Your Golf Stance

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional Rafael Floriani teaches you how to position the ball in your golf stance to achieve your best swing with any iron. Where you place the golf ball has a crucial impact on the outcome of your iron shots, and you can tell what’s happening with each shot by…

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  • 1:05

    Improve Your Putting Path with the Gate Drill

    In this free video lesson, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani teaches you how to use one of his simplest practice drills to perfect your putting path with just two golf tees. With this one-step drill, you’ll take your putting game to the next level by straightening out your swing and honing your contact. Take advantage of…

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  • 2:16

    Rafael’s Greatest Putting Practice Games: The Arm

    In this free video lesson, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani demonstrates one of the simplest but most effective putting practice games. It’s called The Arm, and it’s guaranteed to hone your putting skills and liven up your next training session! All you have to do to complete The Arm is place golf balls in a straight…

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  • 0:48

    Improving Short Putts with the Ball of Steel

    In this quick demonstration, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani teaches you how to hone your putting skills with a ball of steel. Hit the heavy ball first, and then the regular ball, and watch what happens to your short putting game!

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  • 4:27

    Slow Golf Swing Practice Drill to Regain Control

    We’re not sure what it is about the human brain that makes most amateur golfers think, “I can’t seem to get a handle on my swing. I’m spraying it left, and missing my target by a mile. I know what I’ll do; I’ll swing harder!” If you’ve had this thought, trust us, you’re not alone.…

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  • 4:25

    Improving Golf Distance off the Tee

    We all want to hit our driver farther. Increased yardage off the tee means a shorter second shot and therefore a better chance of leaving yourself a simple putt. Golf distance with the big stick seems like it would be an easy thing to improve – swing harder for a bigger drive, right? Well, what…

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  • 1:30

    Golf Swing Basics: How to Nail the Fundamentals

    Regardless of what you want to improve in your golf game, whether it’s added distance on tee shots or more accurate approach play, noticeable progress occurs only after you’ve cemented the fundamentals. Before you can hit straighter irons and crank your drives, you have to nail the golf swing basics and become more consistent. So…

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  • 1:59

    Golf Chipping Drills for Shorter Putts: The Target Ring Game

    Golf practice, like practice in any other sport, can become monotonous if you go about it the same way session after session. Sure, you improve each time you take a stroke at the range, but if you’re just aiming for a target and swinging away, eventually you’ll lose interest in training and your competitive spirit…

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