• 1:05

    In this free video lesson, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani teaches you how to use one of his simplest practice drills to perfect your putting path with just two golf tees. With this one-step drill, you’ll take your putting game to the next level by straightening out your swing and honing your contact. Take advantage of…

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  • 0:48

    In this quick demonstration, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani teaches you how to hone your putting skills with a ball of steel. Hit the heavy ball first, and then the regular ball, and watch what happens to your short putting game!

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  • 3:03

    Putting practice can become a tedious affair when approached with the same old methods. Especially with short putts, it’s easy to burn out on the practice green if you don’t find ways to keep training challenging and fun. So in this quick lesson, we demonstrate a simple drill you can add to your practice routine…

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  • Practice Game: Putts with Break

    Breaking putts on ultra-fast, sloping greens are the stuff of nightmares for most amateur putters. They’re hard to read and just about impossible to sink, right? What if we told you you’re overthinking the break and tracking it the wrong way? In this lesson, we’ll let you in on a little secret for reading the…

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  • Perfecting Your Putting

    “PGA golf professionals Suzy Whaley and Gary Bates teach you some simple directional and distance-control putting drills you can use to lower your score and reduce the amount of frustration you feel on the green. The key to these drills is repetition – once you can get comfortable draining 3-, 6- and 9-foot putts consistently…

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  • Setup and Grip for Success

    The way you hold your putter and set your body is vital for a solid putting foundation. If you’re not gripping the club correctly, you’re setting yourself up for a long day on the greens. Michael Breed and Krista Dunton discuss some of the setup essentials that the professionals have perfected to make their jobs…

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  • Proper Aim and Alignment

    Krista Dunton introduces the basics for getting the face of your putter aimed and aligned where you want. To practice for longer putts that move left to right or up or down hill, you should begin with somewhat straight, 6-8 ft. putts and work on getting all of your starting angles correct, and then adapt…

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  • Uphill, Downhill and Side Hill Putts

    Michael Breed discusses the proper way to approach putts that amateur golfers tend to panic over: downhill, uphill and side hill putts. One of the common mistakes that golfers will make on uneven level putts is trying to hit the golf ball with a different part of the putter head to take speed off of…

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  • Controlling the Yips

    The yips plague every golfer at some point, and it can be very frustrating, but there are ways to counteract the unwelcome pushing or pulling that you’re encountering when you putt the golf ball. Michael Breed believes that a simple change in grip – whether you experiment with a “claw” grip or alter the placement…

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