• Putting Drills

    In this video you will discover several effective putting drills and games you can incorporate into your practice routine. PGA Professionals Mike Bender and Charlie King show you practice techniques to improve your putting. These games will improve your distance control, lag putting and help you achieve a consistent putter swing path. Put these drills to use during your next practice session and get more enjoyment and better results from it.

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  • Putting Games

    Reliable short game skills are often the separator between the average amateur and a tournament favorite. The distance of your drives and the accuracy of your approach shots are wasted if you regularly falter around the green, and the best players know the key to a consistent short game is practice. There’s no secret method,

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  • Distance Control

    Learn how to improve your putting distance control. PGA Professional Mike Davis teaches you how to be a better putter by developing your feel for distance control. He explains how to gather data on the putting green to feed your subconscious mind. You will also learn several helpful putting drills and how to create a routine on the putting green. By practicing your routine and developing your feel, you’ll stop focusing on your mechanics and have better distance control.

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