• Feet Outside the Bunker Shot

    Follow along as Ron Philo Jr. demonstrates tips to tackle a bunker shot where he’s forced to have his feet outside the bunker. In this instance, the ball is in the bunker and well below where he can place his feet. Getting wide and low will help stabilize this kind of shot and help ensure…

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  • Wedge Techniques for Lower Scores

    In this video you will learn wedge strategies to lower your score. PGA professional Trent Wearner demonstrates techniques you can practice inside 100 yards to improve your wedge accuracy and distance control. He will show you how to determine the best landing spot on the green and how to hit low, medium and high wedge shots. You’ll also learn how to select the club that matches the situation and hit consistent shots with a swing you can depend on.

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  • Shape Your Wedges

    Learn how to shape your wedges. In this video, PGA Professional Christopher Smith teaches you how to improve your wedge play by controlling the spin and trajectory. You’ll learn how to shape your wedges with different clubs and how to adjust your swing speed for different results. If you’ve played tennis or ping-pong, Christopher explains how shaping your wedges is similar to the swings in both of those sports. And at the end of the video, you’ll learn the number one mistake amateurs make with their pitching. Watch out for head downitis!

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  • Lob and Flop Shots

    In this video you will learn flop and lob shots. PGA professional Peter King teaches you how to hit speciality pitch shots when you don’t have much green to work with. You will learn how to do a pinch lob shot and a full lob shot. By learning how to hinge your wrist and make proper contact with the ball, you’ll be hitting it high and soft in no time!

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  • Hinge and Pop Shot

    In this video you’ll learn the hinge and pop speciality shot. PGA Professional Rafael Floriana shows you what to do for those times you are up against an obstacle. Typically, you would not be able to swing the club in this position, but with the hing and pop shot you are able to advance the ball and make the most of a tough situation. Learn how to get out of a bad situation with this handy shot!

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  • Short Game Distance Control

    If you want to shave strokes off your score, start by working on your short game distance control. Addressing this part of your game can have the most immediate and beneficial impact. In this video, PGA professional Rodney Green stresses the importance of repetition to develop “feel”. Green also discusses club selection and shows you drills you can practice to improve your short game distance control.

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  • Scoring Zone

    Becoming a more confident player in the scoring zone is an easy way to knock strokes off your score, which means you have to improve your abilities around the green. First, Charlie King explains the difference between pitching and chipping, and discusses what you should do before you prepare to swing and how you should…

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