• 1:13

    Offseason Putting Practice: Lower Body Stability Drill

    One of the most common mistakes amateurs make with the putter in their hands is allow their lower body to do the work. Proper putting form requires absolutely no movement in the legs or hips; the hands and shoulders should be in complete control. If you find yourself letting the lower body do more than…

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  • 1:57

    USGA Rules of Golf 1-3: Agreement to Waive the Rules

    Understand Rule 1-3: Agreement to Waive the Rules from the USGA Rules of Golf. In this video, we’ll discuss the details of this rule and provide examples on the course.

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  • 5:44

    Golf Chipping Drills and Tips

    Watch this video for great ways to improve and practice your chipping with these golf chipping drills, tips and techniques from PGA teacher, Suzy Whaley.

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  • Curing the Shank

    How to Stop Shanking

    We all get them, sooner or later. The shanks can be the golfer’s worst nightmare, seeing their tee shots and approaches flying off to the right again and again, losing ball after ball to the trees. Once the shanks set in, they can be hard to shake, especially when you try correcting the wrong aspects of your swing. Often, amateur golfers make changes to their grip, stance and swing that do not fix the problem, but rather reinforce bad habits. Luckily, learning how to stop shanking isn’t all that hard; you’ll need just a single tee.

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  • Short Game Swing

    How to Improve Short Game Swing

    No matter your age or skill level, 65-70% of your shots in a round of golf come within 100 yards of the pin. With a statistic like that, you could say it’s pretty important to hone your skills with the shorter clubs in your hands. For most amateurs, learning how to improve short game swing mechanics just takes repetition and a solid understanding of distance control.

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  • Perfecting Your Putting

    Perfecting Your Putting

    “PGA golf professionals Suzy Whaley and Gary Bates teach you some simple directional and distance-control putting drills you can use to lower your score and reduce the amount of frustration you feel on the green. The key to these drills is repetition – once you can get comfortable draining 3-, 6- and 9-foot putts consistently…

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  • How to Get More Distance with Driver

    How to Get More Distance with Driver

    It’s a simple fact: if you can put the ball in the fairway consistently, you give yourself a great chance at par or better. Conversely, miss the fairway on a regular basis and you give yourself a headache.

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  • Hitting Off Pine Straw and Out of the Rough

    Hitting Off Pine Straw and Out of the Rough

    PGA golf professional Brian Manzella teaches you how to hit shots off pine straw by practicing a few simple techniques. He shows you how to handle shots from two different types of lies, and then stresses the importance of not grounding the club and making solid club/ball contact. Then PGA professional Christopher Smith demonstrates the…

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  • Proper Pitching

    Proper Pitching

    PGA golf professional Suzy Whaley introduces some fun and easy drills to help take the frustration and difficulty out of those greenside chip shots. She teaches you about a few everyday products that are perfect for creating makeshift games, including umbrellas, softballs, pool noodles and paint stirrers.

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