• 1:10

    Using Snow Poles For Instant Swing Feedback

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional Mike Adames teaches you a quick drill for instant swing feedback. All you need is two snow poles and a trusted wedge. You’ll place one pole between your club head and the ball, pointed at your target, and another three feet behind the ball on the same plane…

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  • 1:36

    Building a Beneficial Golf Practice Station

    In this free video lesson PGA Professionals Mike Adams and Joseph Hallett teach you how to set up a golf practice station that will improve alignment and hone accuracy. All you need to create your own simple but efficient practice station is two snow poles, one at your feet perpendicular to your target and another…

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  • 1:33

    Improving Your Golf Swing Path

    Do you have trouble hitting your target on a consistent basis? Does your tee shot tend to end up 20 yards left or right of where you wanted even though you struck it cleanly? You’re putting a solid stroke on the ball, but for some reason it gets away from you. If this is the…

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  • 1:11

    How to Hit a Driver Straight and Long: Creating Solid Contact

    Long drives require solid contact. It’s as simple as getting the clubface square to the ball at the point of impact. Yeah, simple, right? We know how tricky it can be to make consistently solid contact with the ball, so we have a few expert tips to help you finally figure out your technique with…

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  • 1:34

    Building a Better Golf Backswing: The Takeaway Drill

    Muscle memory is established through repetition. The only way to reach the point where your body knows better than your brain is to continuously practice the same proper technique until the movement is second nature. Therefore, if you’ve developed a golf backswing with improper mechanics, correction of those poor mechanics can only come through repeated…

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  • 1:51

    Finding Your Natural Golf Swing Plane

    According to PGA Professional Mike Adams, every golfer’s backswing follows one of three planes. Whichever works for you should feel natural and fluid, and you shouldn’t try to change yours to another unless you discover you’ve been following the wrong line all along. That’s because when you align your backswing with the correct golf swing…

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  • 1:37

    Finding Your Rhythm with a Golf Swing Tempo Drill

    For every golfer, their best golf swing is the one that has an even tempo and correct mechanics. Proper golf tempo is a matter of maintaining the same clubhead speed that you generate in your backswing in your follow-through. If you pull the club back quicker than you push it forward, your timing and technique…

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