• 1:58

    Golf Tempo Drills: Rotate and Don’t Release

    In this quick video lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates one of the best golf tempo drills for better touch at the bottom of your swing. Joseph calls it Rotate and Not Release, and it’s essential for your practice regimen if you’re looking to sync up the timing of your upper and lower body rotation.…

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  • 3:53

    How to Hit a Draw in Golf: The Over-the-Top Drill

    In this quick video lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates how to hit a draw in golf by practicing a simple exercise called the Over-the-Top Drill. This drill is mostly geared toward players with a handicap of nine or better, but with a slight modification anybody can benefit from this easy exercise. Joseph explains what’s…

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  • 2:38

    Golf Practice Drills: Hinge Only

    One of the most important mechanics of a good golf swing is a consistent wrist hinge. Up and down, not side to side, and not loose. The hinge is simple in theory, but amateur golfers who are having trouble controlling their swing don’t often consider that they’re doing too much with their hands. In this…

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  • 1:36

    Building a Beneficial Golf Practice Station

    In this free video lesson PGA Professionals Mike Adams and Joseph Hallett teach you how to set up a golf practice station that will improve alignment and hone accuracy. All you need to create your own simple but efficient practice station is two snow poles, one at your feet perpendicular to your target and another…

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  • 2:30

    Golf Swing Drills: The Step-Into

    If you’re constantly striving to add yardage off the tee but can’t seem to figure out how to make it happen, might we suggest stepping away and stepping back in? That’s a little on the nose, but in this quick video lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you one of the simplest golf swing drills…

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  • 2:06

    The Fireman’s Carry Drill

    In this quick video lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates a simple drill that will help improve your ball contact and make your swing more consistent. The Fireman’s Carry Drill can be added to the training regimen for those of all levels; it’s the perfect drill for any golfer struggling to hone their backswing and…

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  • 2:17

    Simple Golf Drills: The Three Step Drill

    In this quick lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates one of the easiest golf drills for a more consistent swing: the Three Step Drill. Proper alignment is essential for a golf swing that’s consistent and accurate, so Joseph shows you how to develop a better aligned swing in just three simple steps. Many golfers break…

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  • 1:39

    Golf Drills for Better Bunker Play: The Raisin Bran Drill

    Two scoops is all you need to start attacking the bunkers with more confidence. Just two scoops of sand piled on the driving range and your trusty sand wedge — that’s what it takes to learn how to hit bunker shots. In this free lesson, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you the easiest way to…

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  • 1:08

    How to Hit Out of a Bunker: The Survivor Drill

    Ending up in a difficult bunker can leave you feeling isolated, lost, maybe even stranded on an island without much hope of rescue. If you allow yourself to fret over getting stuck in a trap, you’re probably going to hit a bad recovery shot. So why not embrace it? View the sand trap as a…

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