• 1:56

    The “drop ‘n’ stop” can be a risky maneuver to attempt if you’re unsure how to pull it off or the circumstances aren’t ideal, but when done correctly, it can be one of the most impressive and useful shots in golf. By putting a little extra backspin on the ball, you can get creative with…

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  • 3:45

    Clubhead speed is dependent upon two factors: timing and explosiveness. If you can generate a swing that syncs up your lower body with your upper and utilizes the full capability of your vital golf muscles, you stand to put a solid, powerful stroke on the ball. There are a variety of exercises you can practice…

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  • 2:06

    A drop in temperature might spell the end of your season out on the course, but it doesn’t have to mean you pack away the clubs until next year. The winter months are the perfect time for major improvements to your swing, and with some proper offseason golf training you can ensure you keep your…

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  • Creating Good Standing Posture and Golf Posture

    In this video our fitness expert talks about the importance of posture in the game of golf. At the beginning of the video you’ll see some examples of bad posture so you know what to avoid, then you’ll learn what makes for good golf posture. Last but not least you’ll learn several exercises and movements you can use to improve your posture both on and off the golf course.

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  • Torso Rotations

    One of the best ways to increase power in your golf swing is to increase your torso rotation. In this video our fitness expert and his assistant demonstrate several ways to go about increasing your shoulder and torso rotation. You’ll learn exercises you can use either by yourself using a band, or with a partner to get a little extra torso strength and speed in your golf swing.

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  • Maintaining Posture

    This video looks at maintaining good posture throughout your golf swing. Most people start their golf swing with good posture but their posture quickly worsens as their swing progresses. This video will show you a few exercises to help combat this. Most people perform their core strengthening exercises on the ground, and in this video you’ll learn why you should instead do them standing up.

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  • Posture

    In this video we take a look at posture and how posture effects your golf swing. You’ll learn how various activities you do in everyday life such as driving a car or working at a desk can adversely affect your posture. You’ll also learn several exercises and movements you can do on your own to help stretch and relax specific parts of your body and correct your poor posture.

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  • Low Body Deep Squats

    In this video our fitness expert explains the correlation between your inability to perform a deep knee bend and an early release in your swing. You’ll learn some simple exercises that will help you progressively improve your ability to perform these types of squats and deep knee bends, strengthen your legs and core, and improve your golf swing. This video also covers proper technique in order to avoid knee pain that most people associate with squats.

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  • Right Leg Stance

    Research shows that most people’s stance is right-side dominant, but golf is all about balance, and in this video our fitness experts will show you some exercises to help correct this imbalance. With a focus on right and left hip positions, you’ll also learn ways to improve the curvature of your back, strengthen your glutes, and improve the overall efficiency of your golf swing.

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