• 4:46

    Great Golf Drills: Pre-Shot Shaping with a Tree

    In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you two methods for curving a fairway shot around a tree and onto the green. One is an active method, which involves pre-shaping your shot, and the other is passive, and involves making the necessary changes to your stroke prior to taking the club…

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  • 4:02

    Dialing for Distance: Controlling Your Pitch Shots

    Everyone knows the length of the backswing is the key to proper distance control with a pitching wedge. That’s common sense. But do you know how to ensure the length of your backswing is correct for each and every distance you encounter on the golf course? If you said the answer is practice, you’re spot…

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  • 1:43

    Golf Swing Drills: Swing Turn, Turn Swing

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional Ali Jean Wells teaches you one of the simplest golf swing drills for syncing up your upper and lower body. This drill is especially important for beginners, who need to understand that they should first swing the golf club back and then turn their body to reach the…

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  • 1:07

    How to Line Up a Golf Shot: Accounting for Parallax

    In this free video lesson, PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you how to line up a golf shot properly by keeping in mind how parallax affects your line of sight, your target selection, and the result of your swing. Because of binocular parallax most amateur golfers end up aiming to the left of their target,…

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  • 1:41

    Proper Golf Stance for Juniors: Adjusting for Comfort

    When training a junior player the mechanics of a consistent golf swing, we always recommend starting with the lower body. A proper golf stance is the basis for solid technique, and stance originates in foot placement. But how far apart should your feet be for a good stroke? Too wide and you’ll hit the ball…

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  • 1:36

    Building a Beneficial Golf Practice Station

    In this free video lesson PGA Professionals Mike Adams and Joseph Hallett teach you how to set up a golf practice station that will improve alignment and hone accuracy. All you need to create your own simple but efficient practice station is two snow poles, one at your feet perpendicular to your target and another…

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  • 1:17

    Golf Exercises for Better Technique: The Pelvic Thrust Drill

    Few amateur golfers understand how important the movement of the pelvis is at the bottom of the golf swing in transition through the impact zone. When you push your hips forward as you make contact with the ball, your club head will lift off its path, which will cause you to misfire. But if you…

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  • 2:27

    Golf Practice Exercises for Better Posture: The Chair Drill

    Ben Hogan, one of the greatest professionals the game has ever known, said that good golf posture at address should feel like leaning into a bar stool. It’s not an upright rigid stance, but neither is it a full squat. To create your most consistent swing, with solid contact and fluid technique, you have to…

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  • 1:11

    How to Hit a Driver Straight and Long: Creating Solid Contact

    Long drives require solid contact. It’s as simple as getting the clubface square to the ball at the point of impact. Yeah, simple, right? We know how tricky it can be to make consistently solid contact with the ball, so we have a few expert tips to help you finally figure out your technique with…

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