• 2:01

    In this free video lesson Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee explains what happens when you remove a loose impediment in the bunker during match play. He begins by introducing the other common types of match play–three-ball, best ball, and four-ball–and then walks you through the process of enforcing rules in one particular scenario.…

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  • 2:03

    You think your tee shot ended up in a lateral water hazard along the fairway. But how sure are you? Well, according to the rules of golf, your level of certainty could mean the difference between taking relief and heading back to the tee with an extra stroke on your card. In this lesson, we…

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  • 1:15

    Bogey, Par and Stableford are forms of competition that are covered in rule 32 in the rules of golf. Follow along with Mark Wilson as he gives you a brief overview of these 3 competition point systems, which are rarely used here in the Unites States.

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  • 1:04

    In this video, PGA Professional Mark Wilson discusses rule 14-1 in the rules of golf. This rule provides that the ball must be fairly struck at with the head of the club and must not be pushed or scrapped. Follow along as Mark demonstrates situations where the back head of your club may be used…

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  • 9:53

    Learn the other aspects of Rule 1 from the USGA Rules of Golf. We’ll discuss exerting influence on the ball, order of play, waiving the rules and more.

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  • Examples of Rule 1-2: Exerting Influence on Movement of Ball

    Understand USGA Rule 1-2 – Exerting Influence on Movement of Ball. Our PGA pro will walk you through the basics of this rule and provide course examples for stroke and match play.

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  • Water Hazard Rules

    We as golfers do our best to avoid water hazards at all cost when we’re out on the course, but the fact is everyone, even the professionals, ends up in a hazard every now and then. For courses stuffed with water hazards hiding around each corner, these obstructions can become increasingly more frustrating to deal…

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  • Abnormal Ground Conditions, Embedded Ball and Wrong Putting Green

    This video includes several different rules concepts including various abnormal ground conditions, a ball being embedded in its own pitch mark and a ball ending up on the wrong putting green. PGA Professional Mark Wilson covers several of these scenarios and provides detailed information on how to handle them.

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  • The Flagstick

    This video covers the rules associated with the flagstick. Various scenarios involving the flagstick are described including attending the flagstick and ball resting against the flagstick.

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