• 0:58

    Reinventing the Fairway Wood: 3 Wood Shaft on a 5 Wood Head

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional Mark Drenga explains why most golfers are inconsistent with the 3 wood and 5 wood, and gives a solution for better fairway wood play. Mark’s idea for harnessing the fairway wood is to get rid of the 3 and 5 and essentially create a 4. How, you ask?…

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  • 2:38

    Tip for Better Bunker Shots: Draw a Line in the Sand

    Have you ever wondered why the pros tend to make bunker shots look so easy? Sand saves instill panic in most amateur golfers, but that’s because they don’t usually concentrate on the two most important aspects of bunker shot success. In this free video lesson PGA Professional Eric Hogge teaches you about those two components,…

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  • 3:39

    Golf Techniques for Pitching Versatility: The Clock Method

    Do you ever feel as if your short game is one-dimensional, like you know how to get the ball onto the green and near your target, but not much else? Pitching versatility is one of the components of a good short game that separates capable golfers from great golfers. But how can you become more…

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  • 0:49

    Blinding Yourself to the Results

    When we practice hitting different clubs at the driving range, we tend to focus too much on the flight of the ball and the result of each shot. What we should be doing, instead, is focusing on mechanics. The goal of a training session is consistency, and that comes from honing muscle memory through proper…

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  • 2:25

    Anything Goes when Hitting out of a Bunker

    The key to hitting out of a bunker is to aim for the sand and to take the ball with it. You can adjust anything you want in regard to grip, posture and extremity angle, but the basics prevail over all. Use sand to push your ball out and get that ball to your target,…

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  • Perfecting Your Putting

    Perfecting Your Putting

    “PGA golf professionals Suzy Whaley and Gary Bates teach you some simple directional and distance-control putting drills you can use to lower your score and reduce the amount of frustration you feel on the green. The key to these drills is repetition – once you can get comfortable draining 3-, 6- and 9-foot putts consistently…

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  • How to Get More Distance with Driver

    How to Get More Distance with Driver

    It’s a simple fact: if you can put the ball in the fairway consistently, you give yourself a great chance at par or better. Conversely, miss the fairway on a regular basis and you give yourself a headache.

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  • Tips on How to Hit Your Ball Out of a Golf Divot

    Tips on How to Hit Your Ball Out of a Golf Divot

    Learn how to play a shot out of a golf divot. Our pro will provide demonstrations and tips for the next time you find your ball in the same situation.

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  • Hitting Off Pine Straw and Out of the Rough

    Hitting Off Pine Straw and Out of the Rough

    PGA golf professional Brian Manzella teaches you how to hit shots off pine straw by practicing a few simple techniques. He shows you how to handle shots from two different types of lies, and then stresses the importance of not grounding the club and making solid club/ball contact. Then PGA professional Christopher Smith demonstrates the…

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