• 1:59

    Golf Game to Help with Scoring Shots

    In this video, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett shows you a game to help improve your golf score. Pick a target at about 50 yards out and score your game as follows. If you “miss the green”, it’s minus one point, if you’re “on the green” give yourself 2 points, and lastly if you leave yourself…

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  • Putting Games

    Putting Games and Chipping Games for Better Short Game

    Reliable short game skills are often the separator between the average amateur and a tournament favorite. The distance of your drives and the accuracy of your approach shots are wasted if you regularly falter around the green, and the best players know the key to a consistent short game is practice. There’s no secret method,…

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  • Quadrant Drill

    Quadrant Drill

    In this video you will learn the Quadrant Game drill. PGA professional Eric Hogge shows you how to make practice more fun and enjoyable with this golf drill. It helps you improve your accuracy and distance by focusing on hitting to different quadrants around the hole. By playing this game you will get a body of information and feedback from your practice shots to help you improve your accuracy on the course.

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