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    Do you have trouble keeping your tee shot in the fairway, even though your swing feels like it should be accurate? If so, you’re not as crazy as you might think. According to PGA Professional Mark Drenga, most golfers use drivers that are too long. For whatever reason, manufacturers have been increasing golf club length…

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  • how to drive a golf ball

    The tee shot is perhaps the most important of all shots you’ll hit on the golf course, as it sets the tone for the rest of the hole. Put yourself a long way out in the fairway with an ideal line to the hole, and you stand a good chance at scoring well. All golfers…

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  • Rule 4: Clubs

    Rule 4 covers rules regarding the specifications that golf clubs, drivers, and golf balls must conform to, and in this video you’ll learn everything you need to know about this important rule. This video covers penalties for altering your club during play, as well as before play begins. Learn what types of club modifications are permitted and which ones can get you in trouble.

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  • Rule 14: Striking the Ball

    In this video our golf rules expert covers Rule 14 which talks about how a golf ball must be struck. You’ll learn the penalties for striking the ball improperly, and hitting the ball with anything other than the head of your club. This video also covers the rules regarding distance measuring devices and other tools you might happen to be carrying in your bag.

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