• Let's Eliminate the Shanks

    You can feel them coming. The shanks creep into your game slowly and show themselves sporadically. Just when you think you’ve figured out how to fix a shanked golf swing and you’ve beaten your demons, you spray another shot to the right and the tension builds. Your body stiffens and your swing tightens and you

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  • Shaping Your Irons

    This video teaches you how to shape your shots with your irons. PGA professional Trent Wearner demonstrates how to impart spin on the ball to create a fade or draw. He explains three ways to help you shape your shots using a hoola hoop, impact bag and by adjusting your hand placement before your shot. By learning how to shape your shot you can get rid of a slice or hook, and be more creative on the course with your shot making.

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  • Maximum Distance

    In this video you’ll learn how to maximize the distance of your driver. PGA Professional Trent Wearner shows you the “ribbon drill” to help you have the right swing plane. He explains that for maximum distance you need the ideal swing plane so you hit the ball in the center of the club face every time. You’ll learn the “tee drill” to ensure that your swing plane is on path for optimal ball striking allowing you to produce maximum distance off the tee.

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  • Distance Control on Chips

    This video explains how to get distance control with your chipping. PGA professional Charlie King teaches you how to develop touch and feel for short chips and long chips. He shows you the “contrast drill” to help you improve your distance control on a short chip. You will also learn how to hit a long chip from 60-70 feet with the “counting drill.”

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  • Safer Short Shots

    In this video you’ll learn how to play safer short shots. PGA Professional Christopher Smith teaches you the keys to hitting safe short shots, maximizing your ground time and minimizing your air time. To do this, you will learn the Two Step Drill. You’ll also learn a drill to help your practice feel more like you’re on the course. By simulating course conditions, you’ll be better prepared to handle things like increased heart rate and fatigue.

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  • Working Your Wedges

    In this video you will learn how to hit a mid range wedge shot. PGA professional Charlie King demonstrates the line drill to help you improve your ball striking. You shows you the proper wrist angle and ball placement to help you hit a 40-60 year wedge shot. He also explains the “two bounce and stop” shot for more advanced players. This drill helps you hit your wedge shot with spin like a professional golfer.

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  • Hitting From the Knees Drill

    This video shows you the “Hitting From the Knees” drill. PGA professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates this drill and explains how it helps you maintain the proper spine angle in your swing. You will learn the mistake most amateurs make with their spine angle as well as what happens when you make that mistake. By using the “Hitting From the Knees” drill you’ll become a better ball striker and more consistent player.

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  • Smallest Movement in Golf

    In this video you’ll learn how to transfer your weight during your downswing. PGA Professional TJ Tomasi shows you a drill to help you know when to rotate your weight through the swing. By placing a club under your left foot and stepping down, will will learn to better time your weight transfer. TJ explains while it may seem subtle, professional golfers are masters at rotating their weight through and soon you will be too.

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  • Right Heel Up Drill

    In this video you will learn the Right Heel Up drill to improve your golf swing. PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you how to improve your ball contact and balance using this drill. Mastering this drill will improve your consistency, accuracy, balance and ball contac and Joe explains how this drill has helped Nick Faldo, as well as many other pros and amateurs, control their right leg during the swing.

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