• Getting Up and Down

    Learn the key to getting up and down with your chips. PGA instructor Brian Manzella teaches you how to select the right club for distance control around the green. Discover how to use the Rule of 12 to calculate where to carry the ball and how much roll to expect. From PGA Instructor Charlie King,

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  • Proper Swing Path

    In this video you will learn the proper swing path. PGA professional Rodney Green explains how to get an inside swing path. He demonstrates how an outside swing path creates a slice and how an inside swing path promotes a straight shot. You will learn several drills to help develop an inside swing path. Then, Jay Overton shows you several more drills to improve your ball striking and swing path, including a drill by the legendary Harvey Penick.

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  • Great Warm Up and Practice Routines

    Learn the best golf warm up and practice routines from top PGA golf instructors. Dr. Gary Wiren shows you how to warm up for a round for those times you aren’t able to hit the practice range before you tee off. Mike Malaksa explains the difference between hitting the range to “warm up” for a

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  • Warm-Up Routine

    This video talks about the importance of a proper warm-up, and you’ll see a great routine you can use before your next round. You’ll also learn why warming-up is actually better than stretching, especially before playing a round of golf. Watch as our fitness expert and his assistant demonstrate various exercises to activate and loosen up your body from head to toe prior to practicing or playing.

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  • Posture

    In this video we take a look at posture and how posture effects your golf swing. You’ll learn how various activities you do in everyday life such as driving a car or working at a desk can adversely affect your posture. You’ll also learn several exercises and movements you can do on your own to help stretch and relax specific parts of your body and correct your poor posture.

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  • Low Body Deep Squats

    In this video our fitness expert explains the correlation between your inability to perform a deep knee bend and an early release in your swing. You’ll learn some simple exercises that will help you progressively improve your ability to perform these types of squats and deep knee bends, strengthen your legs and core, and improve your golf swing. This video also covers proper technique in order to avoid knee pain that most people associate with squats.

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  • Basic Core Training

    In this video, you’ll learn that how you train in the gym will affect how you perform out on the course. You’ll also learn the importance of proper breathing patterns in getting the most benefit from your training. Our fitness expert explains that its important to match your breathing patterns to your exercise movements, and demonstrates using an exercise ball to stretch front-side muscles.

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  • Eliminating Miss Hits

    In this video, PGA Professional Adam Smith teaches you how to eliminate miss hits. You will learn about spine angle, head position and swing path. You’ll also learn an easy 5 minute drill you can do at home to help you get better balance and posture. By practicing these drills you will reduce your miss hits by maintaining stability through your swing. At the end of the video PGA professional Tom Henderson shows you several drills to improve your balance, rhythm and tempo.

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  • Solutions to Thin Irons From The Fairway

    To get the best trajectory, distance and backspin, you need to hit down on the golf ball. If you hit up on the ball, you are likely to hit low, thin shots with a lot of top spin. In Solutions to Thin Irons From the Fairway, PGA professional Tom Henderson shows you three simple drills you can practice to alleviate hitting the ball thin. Practice these drills and you are guaranteed to hit the ball more solid.

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