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    Reinventing the Fairway Wood: 3 Wood Shaft on a 5 Wood Head

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional Mark Drenga explains why most golfers are inconsistent with the 3 wood and 5 wood, and gives a solution for better fairway wood play. Mark’s idea for harnessing the fairway wood is to get rid of the 3 and 5 and essentially create a 4. How, you ask?…

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  • Rule 4: Clubs

    Rule 4: Clubs

    Rule 4 covers rules regarding the specifications that golf clubs, drivers, and golf balls must conform to, and in this video you’ll learn everything you need to know about this important rule. This video covers penalties for altering your club during play, as well as before play begins. Learn what types of club modifications are permitted and which ones can get you in trouble.

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  • Getting Up and Down Successfully

    Getting Up and Down Successfully

    In this video you’ll learn how to get up and down effectively. PGA professional Tom Henderson shows you how to chip with a variety of clubs to help you get up and down. He’ll show you how to chip with an 8 iron, 6 iron, hybrid and putter. You’ll learn the ideal grip and stance for each club. By learning how to hit all of these clubs you’ll be able to determine which one you are most confident with to help you get up and down when the pressure is on.

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