• Rule 12: Searching For and Identifying the Ball

    This video covers the ins and outs of searching for and identifying your ball. You’ll discover how long you have to look for a ball before it is considered lost, what the penalties are (if any) for a ball that is moved while being looked for, and you’ll also learn that contrary to popular belief, a player is not necessarily entitled to see his ball when making a stroke.

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  • Rule 21: Cleaning the Ball

    In this video you’ll learn at what point and in which circumstances you are entitled to clean your ball, and the proper procedure to go about doing so. Most importantly, you’ll also learn the three specific instances when cleaning your ball is not allowed and what the penalties are for violating these rules.

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  • Rule 22: The Ball Assisting or Interfering With Play

    Ball assisting play is what this video is all about, and in it you’ll learn that under Rule 22 any player has the right to lift a ball that they deem to be assisting another player’s play. You’ll also learn that the rules for this vary between stroke play and match play. Next, you’ll learn how this rule addresses both mental and physical interference, and under which cases you are entitled to relief.

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  • Rule 28: Unplayable Ball

    Rule 28 tells us what is considered an unplayable ball, and who has the right to make that determination. Also, once a ball has been deemed unplayable what are your options for relief and what penalties will you incur. This video also covers the rules surrounding deeming a ball unplayable without knowing its location, such as in the case of a lost ball.

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  • Solutions to Thin Irons From The Fairway

    To get the best trajectory, distance and backspin, you need to hit down on the golf ball. If you hit up on the ball, you are likely to hit low, thin shots with a lot of top spin. In Solutions to Thin Irons From the Fairway, PGA professional Tom Henderson shows you three simple drills you can practice to alleviate hitting the ball thin. Practice these drills and you are guaranteed to hit the ball more solid.

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