• Curing the Shank

    How to Stop Shanking

    We all get them, sooner or later. The shanks can be the golfer’s worst nightmare, seeing their tee shots and approaches flying off to the right again and again, losing ball after ball to the trees. Once the shanks set in, they can be hard to shake, especially when you try correcting the wrong aspects of your swing. Often, amateur golfers make changes to their grip, stance and swing that do not fix the problem, but rather reinforce bad habits. Luckily, learning how to stop shanking isn’t all that hard; you’ll need just a single tee.

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  • Short Game Swing

    How to Improve Short Game Swing

    No matter your age or skill level, 65-70% of your shots in a round of golf come within 100 yards of the pin. With a statistic like that, you could say it’s pretty important to hone your skills with the shorter clubs in your hands. For most amateurs, learning how to improve short game swing mechanics just takes repetition and a solid understanding of distance control.

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  • Tips for Hitting and Assessing a Greenside Bunker Shot

    Tips for Hitting and Assessing a Greenside Bunker Shot

    Watch this video as we show you how to assess a greenside bunker shot. There are also tips on how to improve your shot based on how the ball is lying in the sand.

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  • Examples of Rule 1-2: Exerting Influence on Movement of Ball

    Examples of Rule 1-2: Exerting Influence on Movement of Ball

    Understand USGA Rule 1-2 – Exerting Influence on Movement of Ball. Our PGA pro will walk you through the basics of this rule and provide course examples for stroke and match play.

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  • Putting Games

    Putting Games and Chipping Games for Better Short Game

    Reliable short game skills are often the separator between the average amateur and a tournament favorite. The distance of your drives and the accuracy of your approach shots are wasted if you regularly falter around the green, and the best players know the key to a consistent short game is practice. There’s no secret method,…

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  • golf fitness exercises

    Golf Fitness Exercises for Better Strength and Posture

    Proper golf posture is a component of the game that many amateur golfers overlook when working at the range. But the fact is, good posture is essential for a well structured, powerful and accurate swing. If you can maintain a comfortable and balanced stance, you set yourself up for a more consistent golf stroke. And…

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  • Sand Conditions and Multiple Types of Bunker Shots

    Hitting Out of the Sand

    Many amateur golfers tense up when they find themselves stuck in the sand, but we believe they should feel the opposite. With the bunker shot, you have a wider margin for error because you make contact with the sand and not the ball. It’s the sand that propels the ball onto the putting surface, not…

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  • Shape Your Shot

    Shape Your Shot

    In this video you’ll learn how to shape your shots. PGA professional Mike Bender shows you a drill on how to shape your shots with fades and draws. He explains the importance of having a stock shot and why you should never cross your line. To illustrate this, he tells a story about Jack Nicklaus at the Masters. To conclude, he shows you a drill to help you consistently shape your shots with confidence.

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  • Shaping Your Irons

    Shaping Your Irons

    This video teaches you how to shape your shots with your irons. PGA professional Trent Wearner demonstrates how to impart spin on the ball to create a fade or draw. He explains three ways to help you shape your shots using a hoola hoop, impact bag and by adjusting your hand placement before your shot. By learning how to shape your shot you can get rid of a slice or hook, and be more creative on the course with your shot making.

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