• 6:13

    Medicine Ball Golf Workouts for Greater Power and Control

    If you’re looking to gain more distance with any club in your hands, but changes to your swing don’t seem to have any effect, it might be time to pick up a med ball. Golfers of all skill levels can tack on extra yards and become more accurate with their every stroke by strengthening their…

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  • 10:39

    Golf Core Exercises

    In this video, David Donatucci demonstrates golf exercises focused on strengthening your core by doing floor exercises. Performing these exercises on your back and stomach will activate and strengthen core muscle groups helping keep you more stable and strong throughout your swing. Follow along as he shows you different levels of difficulty within these exercises.

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  • Medicine Ball Exercises to Help with Your Golf Game

    Medicine Ball Exercises to Improve Your Golf Game

    Strength and stability are essential for a more powerful and consistent golf stroke. When you can activate the center of your body and prevent your core from wobbling during your swing, you set yourself up for a controlled and accurate shot. There are a number of ways to develop a stronger and more stable golf…

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  • Horizontal Cable Chops

    Horizontal Cable Chops

    These exercises will strengthen the hip and core muscles for a more stable swing. They will also improve your overall balance as well for an improved golf game.

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  • Cable Exercises

    Cable Exercises

    In this video, Director of Fitness for the PGA of America David Donatucci demonstrates several cable exercises designed to improve your golf game. Stabilization through the center of the body is key. All of the exercises in this class will allow for better golf posture, more flexibility on your swing and more power through contact…

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