• 3:38

    Believe it or not, you don’t always have to use the same wedge for all of your chips around the green. With different club face angle comes a variety of possibilities for shot distance, arc, and rollout. You can take advantage of your pitching wedge, sand wedge, or 7 iron to get closer to the…

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  • 1:14

    We see amateurs do it all the time, and even pros on occasion. A few yards off the green, an in-between shot that’s too long for a comfortable chip and not quite close enough to be putted. Most golfers opt for one or the other, resigning themselves to whatever mishit may come. Chip goes flying…

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  • 4:30

    There are two main components to controlling where your chip shots end up: distance and direction. When you’ve honed your technique and made sure your mechanics are such that you can consistently make solid contact and you know the flight path of your typical shot, you can start to work on your direction and distance…

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  • 6:14

    A topnotch golf short game is mostly about touch and precise distance control, but it’s also largely based in repetition, decision making and proper technique. The greatest players separate themselves around the green by choosing the right club, finding their mark and executing time after time, whether just off the fringe or twenty feet from…

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  • Getting Up and Down Successfully

    In this video you’ll learn how to get up and down effectively. PGA professional Tom Henderson shows you how to chip with a variety of clubs to help you get up and down. He’ll show you how to chip with an 8 iron, 6 iron, hybrid and putter. You’ll learn the ideal grip and stance for each club. By learning how to hit all of these clubs you’ll be able to determine which one you are most confident with to help you get up and down when the pressure is on.

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  • Check and Stop Chip Shot

    In this video you will learn the check and stop chip shot. PGA professional Joe Hallett demonstrates the techniques you’ll need to hit chips that bounce once and stop quickly. He explains how the back swing of a chipping stroke is used to control height and the follow through is used to control roll. He shows you how to hit one of the most difficult shots in golf, the mid height chip that checks quickly. To hit this shot you’ll learn a secret the pros do with their wrists to get the ball to check and stop quickly.

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  • Unconventional Shot Selection

    In this video, you’ll learn some unconventional shot selections you can incorporate into your game. PGA Professional Dr. Jim Suttie demonstrates how to hit atypical shots around the green when the right situations presents itself. You’ll learn about the “one lever stroke” for your 3 iron and your hybrid and you’ll learn about the “two lever shot” for your gap wedge. By practicing unconventional shots you’ll develop greater feel and be prepared to take advantage of unique situations around the green.

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  • Up and Down Drill

    This video shows you the Up and Down Drill. PGA professional Robert Stocke demonstrates a simple drill to help you lower your scores around the green. This drill, as its name suggests, shows you how to practice getting up and down. You will learn that it doesn’t take much effort to be a great short game player just a consistent routine of 30 minutes, every few days, of this drill.

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  • Chipping: Curing the Shanks and Chunks

    Curing the shanks and chunks when chipping can be easy. PGA Professional Kevin Weeks shows you how you can incorporate a towel and a 2 by 4 into your practice to ensure you never shank the ball again. Then Kevin shows you how to keep the weight on your forward side by using a paint can when practicing to eliminate chunks. Practice chipping using these simple tips and shanks and chunks will become a thing of the past.

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