• Advanced Set-Up

    Advanced Set-Up

    In this video you will learn an advanced set up for chipping. PGA Professional Dr. Jim Suttie explains the proper chipping stroke for steep and shallow shots. You will learn about the “U” shaped swing verses the “V” shaped swing and when you should use each around the green. Dr. Suttie also teaches you a drill to help you with your feel by practicing with a 5 iron. By understanding your lie and loft, you’ll learn how to hit the right club with the right swing.

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  • Distance Control on Chips

    Distance Control on Chips

    This video explains how to get distance control with your chipping. PGA professional Charlie King teaches you how to develop touch and feel for short chips and long chips. He shows you the “contrast drill” to help you improve your distance control on a short chip. You will also learn how to hit a long chip from 60-70 feet with the “counting drill.”

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  • Chipping Through the Gate

    Chipping Through the Gate

    In this video you will learn the Chipping Through the Gate drill. PGA professional Ali Jean Wells demonstrates the proper chipping stroke and follow through. She uses the Chipping Through the Gate drill to help you gain awareness for your chipping swing. You’ll learn the two common mistakes amateurs make with their chipping stroke. This drill will help you cut down on chunks, duffs, sculls and topped shots around the green.

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  • Up and Down Drill

    Up and Down Drill

    This video shows you the Up and Down Drill. PGA professional Robert Stocke demonstrates a simple drill to help you lower your scores around the green. This drill, as its name suggests, shows you how to practice getting up and down. You will learn that it doesn’t take much effort to be a great short game player just a consistent routine of 30 minutes, every few days, of this drill.

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