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    In this free video lesson, Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee explains what happens when you or your partner grounds the club in the sand after failing to exit a bunker during alternating shot match play. According to Rule 29, this is a penalty, and thus disqualifies a player (you and the rest of…

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  • Sand Conditions and Multiple Types of Bunker Shots

    Many amateur golfers tense up when they find themselves stuck in the sand, but we believe they should feel the opposite. With the bunker shot, you have a wider margin for error because you make contact with the sand and not the ball. It’s the sand that propels the ball onto the putting surface, not…

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  • Bunker Shots

    Your ball is buried in the sand at the lip of the bunker”¦..now what? In Bunker Shots PGA professional Ron Philo Jr. shows you how to conquer this difficult shot. In this lesson you will learn the correct stance and swing adjustments necessary to lift on the ball safely out of the bunker and onto the green.

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