• 1:58

    How to Control Golf Ball Trajectory on a Windy Day

    In this video, PGA Professional Eric Hogge explains what to do if you have a difficult approach shot on a windy day. Eric explains how to move up a club, while only swinging with a portion of your full power as well as some finer details. After listening to these tips, you will be better…

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  • 2:15

    Learn to Control Golf Ball Trajectory with Ladder Drill

    In this video, PGA Certified Professional Joseph Hallet shows you tips on how to control the trajectory of your ball flight with a drill called the Up and Down Ladder. This simple drill will make your practice fun and efficient as well cut some extra strokes off of your score. Going up and down the…

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  • Pitching and Chipping Options

    Golf Pitching and Chipping Tips for a Better Short Game

    When it comes to lowering your score in a drastic fashion, there’s no better way than to improve your game around the green. If you can minimize the number of strokes it takes you to get from the fringe to the bottom of the hole, you’ll notice a big difference on your scorecard at the…

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