• 2:25

    Get Out of Trouble Spots with a Solid Golf Mental Game

    We may not want to admit it, but we all hit bad shots. Everyone ends up in the thick stuff or the sand, and we’re all upset with ourselves when we do. But here’s the thing, when you find yourself in trouble spots, you can either tense up and let the mistake affect your next…

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  • 2:31

    Golf Match Play Tips

    Watch this video for golf match play tips and pro insight to help you out on the course. We discuss differences from stroke play and other key elements.

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  • 6:53

    Tips for Success on a Par 3 Hole

    Watch this video to get our tips on how to prepare and play a par 3 hole better. Our pro discusses club selection, where to tee off and other insight.

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  • 1:58

    How to Control Golf Ball Trajectory on a Windy Day

    In this video, PGA Professional Eric Hogge explains what to do if you have a difficult approach shot on a windy day. Eric explains how to move up a club, while only swinging with a portion of your full power as well as some finer details. After listening to these tips, you will be better…

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