• 013139f_av614u_c-turning-3-strokes-into-2

    Short game: the great equalizer. Even if your days of power drives and pinpoint irons are behind you, you can always make up ground when you get within 40 yards of the green. The easiest way to turn three strokes into two and lower your score is to put your pitches and chips closer to… Read more »

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  • PGA 011905f_AV546u_c Downhill Chip Shot

    Watch this video for tips on how to improve your downhill chip shot. We’ll discuss club placement on the ball and proper stance for this kind of shot.

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  • 50 Yard Golf Shot

    Do you struggle with that awkward 50-yard golf pitch shot? Something about that uncomfortable half distance makes many amateur golfers shake in their boots. Maybe it’s the technique, maybe it’s the need to take a little off their swing. Well we’re here to put your worries to rest and help you put your golf pitch… Read more »

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  • Putting Green Rules

    After just a few rounds with an experienced golfer, most new golfers figure out how to navigate the course with proper golf etiquette and not get in anyone’s way. However, there are a number of important rules that go unknown to a majority of amateur golfers, largely pertaining to things we can and can’t do… Read more »

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  • Short Game Swing

    No matter your age or skill level, 65-70% of your shots in a round of golf come within 100 yards of the pin. With a statistic like that, you could say it’s pretty important to hone your skills with the shorter clubs in your hands. For most amateurs, learning how to improve short game swing mechanics just takes repetition and a solid understanding of distance control.

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  • Putting Drills

    In this video you will discover several effective putting drills and games you can incorporate into your practice routine. PGA Professionals Mike Bender and Charlie King show you practice techniques to improve your putting. These games will improve your distance control, lag putting and help you achieve a consistent putter swing path. Put these drills to use during your next practice session and get more enjoyment and better results from it.

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  • Understanding the Putter, Stroke and Line

    Most golfers don’t put in the time and patience needed to develop a proper putting stroke that they can repeat over and over. Consequently, they tend to tack a number of unnecessary strokes onto their scorecard. Solid mechanics and a proper putting stroke can mean the difference between just a good round and the round… Read more »

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  • Perfecting Your Putting

    “PGA golf professionals Suzy Whaley and Gary Bates teach you some simple directional and distance-control putting drills you can use to lower your score and reduce the amount of frustration you feel on the green. The key to these drills is repetition – once you can get comfortable draining 3-, 6- and 9-foot putts consistently… Read more »

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  • Flop Shot

    It happens to us all as spectators: On Sunday at a critical junction, you watch one of the game’s best fall into a treacherous greenside location and you rule them out of the running. You think, there’s no way he can set himself up for a makeable putt from that spot; but then he pulls… Read more »

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