• 14:00

    The Rules of Equipment: Are My Clubs Legal?

    In this comprehensive video lesson, Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee walks you through several sections and caveats of Rule 4, which pertains to clubs and other playing equipment. Mark explains what’s legal and illegal according to the USGA, including mid-round alterations to a club face, replacing a broken or lost club, and sharing…

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  • 2:34

    Proper Golf Scorecard Protocol

    In this quick video lesson, Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee teaches you the dos and don’ts of maintaining a legal golf scorecard. Keeping track of your score accurately and honestly reporting it afterward is one of the most essential components of the sport. Subject to disqualification, an inaccurate scorecard is the responsibility of…

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  • 2:01

    Removing Loose Impediments in Four-Ball Match Play

    In this free video lesson Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee explains what happens when you remove a loose impediment in the bunker during match play. He begins by introducing the other common types of match play–three-ball, best ball, and four-ball–and then walks you through the process of enforcing rules in one particular scenario.…

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  • 7:26

    Dealing with Loose Impediments in Different Situations

    In this quick video lesson, Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee teaches you what to do when you encounter various loose impediments and obstructions on the course. There is a difference between loose impediments and obstructions, and understanding the definition and circumstances of each determines if you could incur a stroke penalty should you…

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  • 1:10

    Partner Penalized for Grounding During Match Play?

    In this free video lesson, Mark Wilson of the PGA Rules Committee explains what happens when you or your partner grounds the club in the sand after failing to exit a bunker during alternating shot match play. According to Rule 29, this is a penalty, and thus disqualifies a player (you and the rest of…

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  • 1:36

    Four-Ball Stroke Play: Rules and Scoring

    Four-ball stroke play is one of the most popular variations of golf, opted for by countless pro-ams and weekend warriors around the world. The structure of four-ball makes for highly competitive play and keeps all participating golfers in the fold. In this lesson, we talk about the basics of four-ball, teaching you all the essential…

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  • 1:28

    Taking Advantage of Stroke and Distance Penalty on the Green

    Hitting your putt off the green and into a hazard is never a good thing, but there is a way to mitigate the damage by using a little known rule to your advantage. It goes by Rule 27, and in a pinch it could just be your best friend. In this lesson, Mark Wilson of…

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  • 2:31

    Golf Hazard Rules: How to Navigate a Lateral Water Hazard

    If your golf ball ends up in a lateral water hazard, you typically have a few options available for your next shot. In order to minimize the number of strokes you take to recover from this mistake, you should understand which legal play makes the most sense for your situation. To help you navigate this…

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  • 1:11

    Explaining Golf Rules: What to Do When Your 2nd Ball Hits Your 1st

    Golf rules tend to be very clearly stated, leaving little room for discretion. However, some situations on the golf course require a bit of decision making. Take for example when a golfer plays another ball on the green because of doubt as to procedure, and the second ball strikes the golfer’s first ball. Should a…

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