• 1:58

    How to Position the Ball in Your Golf Stance

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional Rafael Floriani teaches you how to position the ball in your golf stance to achieve your best swing with any iron. Where you place the golf ball has a crucial impact on the outcome of your iron shots, and you can tell what’s happening with each shot by…

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  • 2:19

    Hitting Irons with Less Loft

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional Eric Hogge teaches you about the benefit of hitting irons with less loft and using lie tape to discover your ideal loft. Professional golfers tend to de-loft their swing a few degrees to develop a more efficient swing and make better contact with the golf ball. What’s stopping…

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  • 3:56

    How Golf Club Lie Angle Affects Your Swing

    Whether at one-on-one lessons or on the course with friends, we see countless amateur golfers whose clubs aren’t properly fitted to their body structure. Too long, too short, of course that happens all the time. But the aspect of club fitting that’s most crucial but most often incorrect is their lie angle. Proper golf club…

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  • 3:11

    The Line Test: Controlling the Bottom of Your Swing

    If you’re like most amateur golfers, you probably don’t pay much attention to the bottom of your golf swing, particularly the contact you make with the ground. In fact, the majority of players don’t actually hit the ground when they swing their club. But hitting the ground is essential for a solid stroke. In this…

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  • 0:56

    Moving the Marks: How Painting Your Club Face Improves Your Swing

    In this free lesson PGA Professional TJ Tomasi teaches you a quick tip for building a more consistent golf swing. By spray painting your club face, you can see where you tend to make contact with the ball. If you try to move the marks closer to the sweet spot, we guarantee you’ll start to…

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  • 2:49

    Hitting Golf Irons Different Distances

    You can hit your 7 iron 155 yards on the money every time. Full swing and you know what to expect. But did you know you can use that same club to hit 145, or even 135 yards? All you have to do is shorten your swing, and that 7 iron can become an 8…

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  • 1:43

    The Importance of Steadying the Right Knee in Golf Swing

    If you want to learn how to hit irons more consistently and make better contact with the golf ball shot after shot, we suggest you start by staring at your right knee. You read that correctly; go ahead, stare at your knee! In this lesson, we teach you a simple drill that will help you…

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  • 2:16

    How to Hit a Driver: Minor Changes for Greater Consistency

    Drivers and irons utilize different angles to achieve different results, which means you should set up differently to maximize each club. They also sit on the ground in unique ways because of the size of the club head. Whereas the face of an iron settles naturally at its intended degree of loft, due to the…

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  • 6:53

    Tips for Success on a Par 3 Hole

    Watch this video to get our tips on how to prepare and play a par 3 hole better. Our pro discusses club selection, where to tee off and other insight.

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