• pga-011915f_av556u_c-driver-vs-iron-premium

    Drivers and irons utilize different angles to achieve different results, which means you should set up differently to maximize each club. They also sit on the ground in unique ways because of the size of the club head. Whereas the face of an iron settles naturally at its intended degree of loft, due to the… Read more »

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  • 011906f_AV547u_c

    Watch this video to get our tips on how to prepare and play a par 3 hole better. Our pro discusses club selection, where to tee off and other insight.

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  • 011896f_AV537u_c

    We work with amateur golfers all the time who come in looking to learn how to hit irons better. Whether they’re not getting enough loft on their ball or they’re thinning every shot, something doesn’t feel right for these players with an iron in their hands. We’ve found that the most common reason for inconsistency… Read more »

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  • Shape Your Shot

    In this video you’ll learn how to shape your shots. PGA professional Mike Bender shows you a drill on how to shape your shots with fades and draws. He explains the importance of having a stock shot and why you should never cross your line. To illustrate this, he tells a story about Jack Nicklaus at the Masters. To conclude, he shows you a drill to help you consistently shape your shots with confidence.

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  • Impact Drill

    To make the most of your golf swing, you have to pay close attention to mechanics, and hone the aspects of your swing that need improvement to create a balanced, solid stroke from the takeaway to the follow-through. In many of our videos, we’ve demonstrated what we consider to be the key components of a good golf swing. We know that by focusing on these fundamentals and nailing the proper form you can improve your swing drastically and become a more consistent player.

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  • Hybrid From the Rough

    You see that hybrid iron in your golf bag, the one you don’t get the chance to pull out all that often? The hybrid is a highly valuable club when utilized in the correct scenarios, but you have to learn how to use it properly in training so you can make it count when the… Read more »

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  • Right Arm Only Golf Swing Drill

    In this video PGA Certified Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates a right arm only drill. At Tour events, you’ll often see players on the range making their swing with one arm. Sometimes this is to warm up and other times it’s to work on portions of their swing. Practicing the right arm only drill Joe demonstrates… Read more »

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  • Changing Golf Trajectory for Changing Conditions

    Conditions aren’t always perfect on the golf course. In this video, PGA Professionals Rafael Floriani and Joseph Hallett provide tips on how to adjust the trajectory of your ball flight to deal with different conditions you’ll play in. On the practice range, utilize these two simple drills that will help get your body in a… Read more »

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  • Proper Golf Backswing Tips: Find the Right Length of Your Backswing

    In order to unleash your most perfect swing consistently, you have to learn to first repeat the ideal backswing each and every time. But what should a proper golf backswing look like? Well, it depends on your specific stroke, i.e. your specific arms, your specific shoulders, your specific flexibility. Every golfer’s backswing is going to… Read more »

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