• 3:57

    Blasting the Buried Ball

    In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you how to hit buried bunker shots with more confidence by making the right changes to your normal sand swing. When trying to remove a ball that’s submerged in sand, your goal is altogether different than when skimming out a ball that rests on…

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  • 4:44

    Splashing vs Digging: Approaching Bunker Shots the Right Way

    In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you how to splash a golf ball out of a sand trap to get the best bunker results. Why do most amateur golfers really fear ending up in the bunker? It’s because of the state of mind we’ve all been taught to adopt when…

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  • 3:30

    Drawing a Line in the Sand

    In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you how to perfect your technique for bunker shots by changing the way you think about the point of contact. Whereas greenside bunker shots require you to take sand first and then the ball, proper fairway sand escapes demand the opposite. It’s all about…

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  • 2:38

    Tip for Better Bunker Shots: Draw a Line in the Sand

    Have you ever wondered why the pros tend to make bunker shots look so easy? Sand saves instill panic in most amateur golfers, but that’s because they don’t usually concentrate on the two most important aspects of bunker shot success. In this free video lesson PGA Professional Eric Hogge teaches you about those two components,…

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  • 1:39

    Golf Drills for Better Bunker Play: The Raisin Bran Drill

    Two scoops is all you need to start attacking the bunkers with more confidence. Just two scoops of sand piled on the driving range and your trusty sand wedge — that’s what it takes to learn how to hit bunker shots. In this free lesson, PGA Professional Joseph Hallett teaches you the easiest way to…

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  • 1:08

    How to Hit Out of a Bunker: The Survivor Drill

    Ending up in a difficult bunker can leave you feeling isolated, lost, maybe even stranded on an island without much hope of rescue. If you allow yourself to fret over getting stuck in a trap, you’re probably going to hit a bad recovery shot. So why not embrace it? View the sand trap as a…

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  • 2:25

    Anything Goes when Hitting out of a Bunker

    The key to hitting out of a bunker is to aim for the sand and to take the ball with it. You can adjust anything you want in regard to grip, posture and extremity angle, but the basics prevail over all. Use sand to push your ball out and get that ball to your target,…

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  • 1:59

    How to Hit out of a Bunker: Relax to Remove

    Every golf instructor has a quick tip for escaping sand traps without dropping extra strokes, whether it’s a posture adjustment or change in stroke technique. Even our PGA Professionals have a wide range of handy hints and free golf tips for helping you learn how to hit out of a bunker. But the truth is,…

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  • 1:28

    Handling Fairway Bunker Shots Near the Lip

    There’s nothing as intimidating to most amateur golfers as a bad lie in a fairway sand trap. Close to the lip, a full iron out from the green: how should it be attacked? In this free video, PGA Professional Mark Drenga shows you how to easily navigate fairway bunker shots placed near the lip of…

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