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    Reinventing the Fairway Wood: 3 Wood Shaft on a 5 Wood Head

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional Mark Drenga explains why most golfers are inconsistent with the 3 wood and 5 wood, and gives a solution for better fairway wood play. Mark’s idea for harnessing the fairway wood is to get rid of the 3 and 5 and essentially create a 4. How, you ask?…

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  • The Benefits of Fairway Woods and Hybrid Clubs

    The Benefits of Fairway Woods and Hybrid Clubs

    Eric Hogge discusses the differences between fairway woods and hybrid clubs, and talks about the benefits of implementing both in your game. If you’re a lifter or a scooper, the lower leading edge on the hybrid will help you to avoid topping the ball more often, which can happen with a fairway wood thanks to…

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  • Fairway Bunker Drill

    Fairway Bunker Drill

    PGA Tour Professional Eric Hogge talks about the importance of setting yourself into a proper stance when hitting out of a fairway bunker and teaches you how to choke down on your grip so that you don’t hit the sand first and compound your mistake.

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  • Mastering Fairway Woods

    Hitting Fairway Woods Like a Pro

    There are few sweeter sounds on the golf course than when you put a clean stroke on the ball with one of the bigger sticks in your golf bag. When your technique is correct, hitting fairway woods and hybrids can add a whole new dimension to your golf game. If you can hone your technique…

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  • Fairway Wood Accuracy

    Fairway Wood Accuracy

    In this video you’ll learn how to improve your fairway wood accuracy. PGA professional Joe Hallett demonstrates how to shape your shots with a fairway wood. You’ll learn a drill to help you hit a high fade and a low draw. You’ll also learn the slight adjustments you need to make to improve your consistency and accuracy when you shape your fairway wood. At the end of the video Joe will also show you how to hit a straight shot.

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  • Ball Striking

    Ball Striking

    In Ball Striking PGA professionals Eric Johnson and Kip PuterBaugh teach you the principles of hitting the fairway wood. In this lesson you will learn the correct posture and arm positions required for a consistent shot. You will also discover the concept of swing focus versus ball focus and how this translates into a more consistent swing and better results on the course.

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  • Fairway Woods Swing Rhythm

    Fairway Woods Swing Rhythm

    In Fairway Woods Swing Rhythm, PGA Professional Eric Johnson covers the basic principles of correct rhythm and balance and demonstrates several ways for you to work on fine tuning your swing. In this lesson, Eric shows you how to utilize a weighted warm up club to help get the feel for a swing with correct speed and balance. You will also learn how using a whippy club can help you quickly identify and correct problems in your swing. Finally you will see a demonstration of a simple long iron drill you can use right away to help you fine tune your take away rhythm.

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  • Selecting Long Irons and Fairway Woods

    Selecting Long Irons and Fairway Woods

    In most cases, rescue clubs are more forgiving and easier to hit than a long iron. But, that doesn’t mean that they are the right choice every time. PGA Professional Eric Johnson explains why it is important to consider all course conditions before choosing what club to use on a particular shot. Sometimes hitting the shot you need may mean using the club that is harder to hit.

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