• 1:58

    Expert Golf Swing Tips: More Loft For a Better Drive

    In this free video lesson PGA Professional Mark Drenga teaches you the golf swing tips you need to become more consistent with the driver. Most amateur golfers believe the secret to better tee shots is taking loft off their swing, but Mark’s here to explain why less loft actually results in lousy shots. Your driver…

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  • 2:17

    Simple Golf Drills: The Three Step Drill

    In this quick lesson PGA Professional Joseph Hallett demonstrates one of the easiest golf drills for a more consistent swing: the Three Step Drill. Proper alignment is essential for a golf swing that’s consistent and accurate, so Joseph shows you how to develop a better aligned swing in just three simple steps. Many golfers break…

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  • 1:11

    How to Hit a Driver Straight and Long: Creating Solid Contact

    Long drives require solid contact. It’s as simple as getting the clubface square to the ball at the point of impact. Yeah, simple, right? We know how tricky it can be to make consistently solid contact with the ball, so we have a few expert tips to help you finally figure out your technique with…

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  • 3:14

    How to Hit a Driver Straight: 3 Keys to 3 Tees

    Balance, balance, balance. The key, or rather 3 keys, to driving the ball straight off the tee. Anyone who’s ever led the Tour in driving accuracy knows that in order to find the fairway consistently, you have to be in control of your body. Head to toe balance. So in this lesson, PGA Professional Michael…

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  • 2:48

    Golf Swing Drills: The Belly Button Drill

    When it comes to confidence on the golf course, nothing gives as great a boost as a solid tee shot with the driver. Long is good, but hitting your target in the center of the fairway and leaving yourself a comfortable approach shot is better. And most experts will tell you the key to a…

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  • 2:01

    How Golf Club Length Affects Your Driving Ability

    Do you have trouble keeping your tee shot in the fairway, even though your swing feels like it should be accurate? If so, you’re not as crazy as you might think. According to PGA Professional Mark Drenga, most golfers use drivers that are too long. For whatever reason, manufacturers have been increasing golf club length…

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  • 3:09

    How to Fix a Slice in Golf Swing with Lead Tape

    The vast majority of amateur golfers who take lessons with a PGA Professional show up on the range with one common concern: they want to hit their driver straighter, farther and more accurately. We all know the driver is golf’s hardest but most important club; it’s crucial for the success of almost every hole, but…

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  • 4:25

    Improving Golf Distance off the Tee

    We all want to hit our driver farther. Increased yardage off the tee means a shorter second shot and therefore a better chance of leaving yourself a simple putt. Golf distance with the big stick seems like it would be an easy thing to improve – swing harder for a bigger drive, right? Well, what…

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  • 5:15

    Golf Driving Tips: How to Hit Your Tee Shots Farther

    Every golfer knows that the key to a good golf swing is technique. If you nail the essentials, you stand to put a solid stroke on the ball and hit your target. But what if you want your target to be a bit further away? What if you’re tired of leaving yourself long second shots…

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