• 5:51

    Golf Fitness Exercises for Better Deceleration and Explosion

    A more powerful golf swing requires greater explosion through the hips and proper center of gravity. To develop the explosiveness you need for a stronger swing, you have to spend a little time in the weight room in addition to the driving range. That’s right, good golf fitness begins without a club in your hands.…

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  • 3:45

    Long Jump Drills for Greater Clubhead Speed

    Clubhead speed is dependent upon two factors: timing and explosiveness. If you can generate a swing that syncs up your lower body with your upper and utilizes the full capability of your vital golf muscles, you stand to put a solid, powerful stroke on the ball. There are a variety of exercises you can practice…

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  • 6:13

    Medicine Ball Golf Workouts for Greater Power and Control

    If you’re looking to gain more distance with any club in your hands, but changes to your swing don’t seem to have any effect, it might be time to pick up a med ball. Golfers of all skill levels can tack on extra yards and become more accurate with their every stroke by strengthening their…

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  • Golf Fitness Exercises for Creating Upper Body Speed

    Golf Fitness Exercises for Creating Upper Body Speed

    In this video, David Donatucci focuses on upper body speed. He’ll demonstrate several rotational motion golf fitness exercises that will help you shift the weight of your body from one side to the other when swinging. The added power from your hips, legs and core will transfer energy to the club head at impact creating…

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  • Golf Fitness: Standing Pushing Exercise

    Golf Fitness: Standing Pushing Exercise

    With this step-by-step golf fitness workout, you’ll learn a complete standing cable push workout that will help to strengthen your chest and better stabilize your core. This workout is designed to create a better foundation for your backswing and follow through, key components to an effective golf swing. David Donatucci explains why it’s important to…

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  • Cable Rotational Movements

    Cable Rotational Movements

    Follow along as PGA instructor David Donatucci demonstrates multiple examples of simple workouts that will improve core strength and the rotational movement in your swing. He offers easy-to-do workouts for your home or office, as well as weight lifting exercises to do at the gym. David stresses the importance of rotational stability in a standing…

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  • Pushing Pulling Exercises for a Stronger Core

    Pushing Pulling Exercises for a Stronger Core

    Your core is one of the most important parts of your body for a developing a good golf swing – strengthen your core and you’ll gain better control over your stroke. We give you some of our favorite cable exercises for improving your chest and abdomen strength.

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  • Cable and Rotational Exercises for Your Core

    Cable and Rotational Exercises for Your Core

    Most golfers may realize that the core of their body is an important component in a golf swing, but most don’t actually do the proper exercises to strengthen those muscles. In this video session, we teach you a handful of cable and rotational exercises that you can practice in order to strengthen and stretch your…

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  • Standing Stabilizations

    Standing Stabilizations

    This video discusses stability from a standing position or golf stance. These weight and resistance exercises translate to more solid contact and distance off the tee by strengthening stabilizer muscles, particularly those found in your core.

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