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    Pregame Golf Warm Up Putting Routine

    In most other sports, a thorough warm up is essential for optimal performance in a game, race or match. Warming up and going through your routine ensures you will be in the right place physically and mentally for the big moments. The same is true for golf, despite what many amateur players might say. Sure,…

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  • Quick Golf Warm Up Drill

    Golf Warm-Up

    Warming up for a round isn’t just recommended, it’s essential in order to get your muscles used to swinging each of the clubs you plan to use throughout the 18 holes. For many players, the golf warm-up is rushed and includes arriving for your tee time ten minutes early, swinging the driver a couple times…

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  • Warming Up and Getting Loose

    Warming Up and Getting Loose

    Suzy Whaley and Gary Bates discuss one of the most overlooked components of the game of golf: stretching. They demonstrate several of the essential stretches you should use to warm up and prepare your body before you even swing a golf club. You’ll learn how to use foam rollers to alleviate the tightness from your…

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  • Warm-Up Routine

    Golf Warm-Up Routine

    This video talks about the importance of a proper warm-up, and you’ll see a great routine you can use before your next round. You’ll also learn why warming-up is actually better than stretching, especially before playing a round of golf. Watch as our fitness expert and his assistant demonstrate various exercises to activate and loosen up your body from head to toe prior to practicing or playing.

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