• 4:46

    Great Golf Drills: Pre-Shot Shaping with a Tree

    In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you two methods for curving a fairway shot around a tree and onto the green. One is an active method, which involves pre-shaping your shot, and the other is passive, and involves making the necessary changes to your stroke prior to taking the club…

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  • 3:30

    Drawing a Line in the Sand

    In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Dr. Gary Wiren teaches you how to perfect your technique for bunker shots by changing the way you think about the point of contact. Whereas greenside bunker shots require you to take sand first and then the ball, proper fairway sand escapes demand the opposite. It’s all about…

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  • 3:06

    Choke Down on the Golf Club To Avoid Trees and Hit Your Target

    You find yourself in the troublesome scenario where you need to hit underneath a tree line, but if you take your full swing you’ll overshoot your target and possibly find yourself in a hazard. What do you do? You could pitch a wedge into the fairway, resign yourself to a dropped stroke, and rue the…

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  • 2:09

    How to Hit a Golf Ball Higher to Avoid Trees

    There’s a distinct difference in the way professionals and most amateurs navigate trees and other tall objects on the golf course. Whereas weekend warriors tend to lean way back and dig their club under the ball to create greater loft, the pros know steep shots are entirely dependent upon the stance and the angle of…

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  • 2:53

    Divot Chipping Around the Green: Playing Golf’s Toughest Trouble Shots

    So your approach shot has ended up short of the green and rolled into someone else’s divot. There are two ways you can react to trouble shots such as this: snap your pitching wedge over your knee and curse the god that made the golfer who left their divot, or view this as a beautiful…

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  • 2:33

    Pitch Closer to the Pin by Using Your Wedge Bounce

    Although it may look like the preferred choice for most scenarios around the green, the pitch-and-run isn’t always the best solution for getting closest to the pin. Oftentimes, when dealing with a greenside shot, there’ll be some sort of obstacle between your ball and the hole, which rules out a standard low pitch. Whether it’s…

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  • 1:23

    How to Work the Ball in Golf

    Get our tips on how to work the ball in golf. Despite advances in clubs and balls, there are other ways to work the ball in your favor out on the course.

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  • 1:58

    How to Control Golf Ball Trajectory on a Windy Day

    In this video, PGA Professional Eric Hogge explains what to do if you have a difficult approach shot on a windy day. Eric explains how to move up a club, while only swinging with a portion of your full power as well as some finer details. After listening to these tips, you will be better…

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  • Flop Shot

    How to Hit a Flop Shot

    It happens to us all as spectators: On Sunday at a critical junction, you watch one of the game’s best fall into a treacherous greenside location and you rule them out of the running. You think, there’s no way he can set himself up for a makeable putt from that spot; but then he pulls…

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