• pga-011918f_av559u_c-when-pitching-over-bunker-and-tight-to-pin-use-bounce-premium

    Although it may look like the preferred choice for most scenarios around the green, the pitch-and-run isn’t always the best solution for getting closest to the pin. Oftentimes, when dealing with a greenside shot, there’ll be some sort of obstacle between your ball and the hole, which rules out a standard low pitch. Whether it’s… Read more »

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  • PGA 011902f_AV543u_c Working the Ball

    Get our tips on how to work the ball in golf. Despite advances in clubs and balls, there are other ways to work the ball in your favor out on the course.

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  • 011899f_AV540u_c

    In this video, PGA Professional Eric Hogge explains what to do if you have a difficult approach shot on a windy day. Eric explains how to move up a club, while only swinging with a portion of your full power as well as some finer details. After listening to these tips, you will be better… Read more »

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  • Flop Shot

    It happens to us all as spectators: On Sunday at a critical junction, you watch one of the game’s best fall into a treacherous greenside location and you rule them out of the running. You think, there’s no way he can set himself up for a makeable putt from that spot; but then he pulls… Read more »

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  • Feet Outside the Bunker Shot

    Follow along as Ron Philo Jr. demonstrates tips to tackle a bunker shot where he’s forced to have his feet outside the bunker. In this instance, the ball is in the bunker and well below where he can place his feet. Getting wide and low will help stabilize this kind of shot and help ensure… Read more »

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  • Severe Sidehill From Deep Rough

    PGA Professional Kevin Weeks shows you the proper technique and a great tip to help when your ball lands in deep rough on a side-hill by the green. He demonstrates the low, balanced stance, angle of attack and held finish that will successfully execute the shoot. Then he’ll provide a drill where you place a… Read more »

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  • Hitting Off Hardpan

    Your ball doesn’t always land on plush green grass. Sometimes, you’re forced to hit off a hard surface such as trampled grass or even the cart path. Dr. Jim Suttie demonstrates how to successfully hit from hardpan, or any thin lie. See his tips, including how to select the best club for your lie, and… Read more »

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  • Buried Bunker Shot

    PGA Tour Professional Jamie Fordyce teaches you how to handle a buried bunker shot when playing onto the green. He recommends getting into a low, wide stance so that you are further over the top of the ball, which will result in a steeper backswing. By hitting just behind the ball and throwing sand onto… Read more »

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  • Extreme Lies and Obstructed Swings

    We all find ourselves in trouble spots on the golf course. Whether you’re an amateur just starting out or a pro with countless titles under your belt, no matter how well you hit your shot, sometimes the ball just bounces the wrong way and ends up in a terrible lie. However, one of the major… Read more »

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