• Bunker Play Basics

    In this video, you will learn some simple bunker play basics that you can follow for success. Hitting out of the sand is a different shot in golf and one that requires a specific set-up and swing change. PGA Instructor Joe Plecker Jr. shows you what you need to know to improve your bunker play; including proper ball position, stance and swing adjustments. Following these simple modifications will lead to more success and better scores.

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  • Assessing Your Lie and Shot Selection

    Properly assessing your lie and shot selection before hitting out of a bunker is a critical step if you want to be a better player. Instructor Matt Kluck explains why it is important to focus on matching your abilities to the shot you choose. Matt walks you through three different options; the normal shot, the safety shot and the reliable “get-out” shot. He’ll show you how to execute and select the proper equipment for each. Following these tips, you’ll find your play out of the bunker improve in no time.

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  • Bounce vs. Loft

    When choosing a sand wedge, it is important to consider the bounce vs. loft of the club. Instructor Matt Kluck demonstrates how varying degrees of bounce and loft affect the performance of a wedge depending on the type of sand and bunker you are in. He’ll cover considerations for the type of bunkers you play in most often and choosing the wedge that best compliments your particular game.

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  • Uphill, Downhill and Sidehill Lies

    Uphill, downhill and sidehill lies in a bunker can be some of the most challenging shots in golf. Brandle Chamblee along with PGA Instructors Joe Plecker, Jr. and Matt Kluck will demontrate how to navigate them. If you find yourself with one of these lies, there are several factors you need to consider in order to achieve success with some consistency. First, Brandel shows you what to do, and what not to do, if faced with an uphill lie. Next, Joe explains a series of specific set-up fundamentals you should follow when hitting from a downhill lie. Finally, Matt stresses the importance of spreading your feet out when faced with a shot where the ball is below your feet. Incorporate these simple tips and find more success with those challenging lies in the sand.

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  • Fairway Bunker Strategies

    PGA Instructor Joe Plecker, Jr. shares with you fairway bunker strategies that can dramatically improve your game. Your strategy changes when you are in a fairway bunker and Joe walks you through a series of set-up features that are important to follow. You’ll see why you should play the ball in the center of your stance with your body aligned square to the target and why you should always choke down on the grip when hitting a fairway bunker shot. Follow his tips and see the positive results in no-time.

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  • Specialty Shots

    PGA Professionals Joe Plecker, Jr. and Matt Kluck teach you the principles needed for more consistent shot patterns when playing specialty shots from a bunker. Matt and Joe demonstrate the techniques used to successfully negotiate out of the bunker in tough situations all golfers face. Matt teaches the principles of the Hook shot, for when you need a lower trajectory with a longer roll out on the green and the Cut shot, for when extra loft and a softer landing are ideal. Joe demonstrates the corrections necessary for bunker play in windy conditions. Different situations and shot challenges require unique set ups. This lesson will teach you the correct stance, grip and weight distribution you need to negotiate difficult bunker shots with confidence.

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  • Bunker Rules

    In Bunker Rules, PGA professional Joe Plecker Jr addresses many of the common questions regarding bunker play. In this lesson Joe covers the rules you need to be aware of in order to properly identify your ball and set up for your shot. You will also learn what the rules say about dealing with a bunker rake that may be interfering with the lie of your ball. Knowing the rules of the bunker will give you the confidence to deal with these situations in accordance with the rules of the game.

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  • Practice Games

    Challenging yourself through a series of practice games and drills is a great way to improve your bunker play. PGA Instructor Joe Plecker, Jr. and Brandel Chamblee show you three of these, the Penny Drill, Trajectory Drill, and Ladder Drill. Practicing these drills will lead to more consistent ball striking and distance control out of the sand. If you can master these drills, you will be a better bunker player and dramatically increase your odds of getting up and down.

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  • Ball Striking and Trajectory

    Better ball control in golf is simply a matter of practice–hitting shot after shot with every club in a variety of situations to improve your swing and become a more versatile player. The golfers who have the best control over their golf ball are the ones who are relaxed and focused only on their swing

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