• Let's Eliminate the Shanks

    You can feel them coming. The shanks creep into your game slowly and show themselves sporadically. Just when you think you’ve figured out how to fix a shanked golf swing and you’ve beaten your demons, you spray another shot to the right and the tension builds. Your body stiffens and your swing tightens and you

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  • Effortless Power vs. Powerless Effort

    In the video “Effortless Power vs Powerless Effort”, you will learn the key to a good golf swing is tempo. PGA Professional Adam Smith explains the three secrets to creating good tempo. By using these secrets you’ll gain effortless power and efficiency. In the video, you’ll learn what to do with your hands and the speed at which you should take back the club. And he’ll show you the importance of pausing ever so slightly at the top of your swing!

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  • Avoid the Slide

    Learn how to avoid the slide with your golf swing. PGA Professional Tom Henderson shows you how to rotate with you golf swing instead of sliding. To demonstrate the difference Tom sets up several teaching aids you can find around your house. These aids can be used on the driving range to help you align your shot and become mindful if a slide is present in your golf swing.

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  • Wedge Techniques for Lower Scores

    In this video you will learn wedge strategies to lower your score. PGA professional Trent Wearner demonstrates techniques you can practice inside 100 yards to improve your wedge accuracy and distance control. He will show you how to determine the best landing spot on the green and how to hit low, medium and high wedge shots. You’ll also learn how to select the club that matches the situation and hit consistent shots with a swing you can depend on.

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  • Playing Your Best in Bad Conditions

    In this video you’ll learn to play your best golf in bad conditions. PGA professional Joe Hallett explains how to play in windy conditions. He’ll explain how to play into the wind and the modifications you’ll need to make with your swing. Joe also explains the common mistake amateurs make with their swing. You’ll learn how to have a soft, structured release to create a moderate to mid trajectory. Exactly what you need to play into the wind!

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  • Fairway Wood Accuracy

    In this video you’ll learn how to improve your fairway wood accuracy. PGA professional Joe Hallett demonstrates how to shape your shots with a fairway wood. You’ll learn a drill to help you hit a high fade and a low draw. You’ll also learn the slight adjustments you need to make to improve your consistency and accuracy when you shape your fairway wood. At the end of the video Joe will also show you how to hit a straight shot.

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  • Maximum Distance

    In this video you’ll learn how to maximize the distance of your driver. PGA Professional Trent Wearner shows you the “ribbon drill” to help you have the right swing plane. He explains that for maximum distance you need the ideal swing plane so you hit the ball in the center of the club face every time. You’ll learn the “tee drill” to ensure that your swing plane is on path for optimal ball striking allowing you to produce maximum distance off the tee.

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  • Office Drill for Swing Plane

    In this video you will learn a drill to improve your swing plane. PGA professionals Mike Adams and Joe Hallett demonstrate a drill that requires three simple props that you can set up in your home and office. You will learn how to set up the props and how to practice the ideal swing angle. The drill is easy and helps you practice your swing plane whether you’re at your home, office or golf course.

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  • Body Turn for Great Tee Shots

    Learn how the fundaments for improving your body rotation on tee shots. In this video PGA Professional Charlie King shows you how to plant your left foot on tee shots. He explains how this helps improve your accuracy with your driver. He relates the technique to a baseball swing and field goal kicking to illustrate how planting your left foot improves your body turn for better power and control.

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