• PGA 013932f_AV647U_c Adding Yards

    We all want to hit our driver farther. Increased yardage off the tee means a shorter second shot and therefore a better chance of leaving yourself a simple putt. Golf distance with the big stick seems like it would be an easy thing to improve – swing harder for a bigger drive, right? Well, what… Read more »

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  • Promote Solid Feedback

    Solid golf contact doesn’t come naturally because you develop a smooth swing. It’s practiced and perfected, and it relies upon an understanding of technique and swing pattern. Most amateur golfers want to improve the contact they make will the golf ball so they can hit longer and more accurate shots. So in this lesson, we’re… Read more »

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  • PGA 013541f_AV637u_c Proper Set Up

    Regardless of what you want to improve in your golf game, whether it’s added distance on tee shots or more accurate approach play, noticeable progress occurs only after you’ve cemented the fundamentals. Before you can hit straighter irons and crank your drives, you have to nail the golf swing basics and become more consistent. So… Read more »

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  • PGA 013539f_AV635u_c 30 Second Swing

    Just like walking, swimming and other basic motor skills, to develop the proper golf swing, you have to start slow and work your way up to full golf swing speed. There are many benefits to starting with a slow swing, chief among them that a faster swing masks errors. The quicker the swing, the harder… Read more »

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  • pga-013498f_av626u_c-impact-position-free

    No matter how unusual your mechanics, no matter what you do between the takeaway and the highest point of your swing, the only thing that dictates whether a golf ball flies toward its target is your golf impact position. If you can get your shoulders and clubface square to the ball and your hips slightly… Read more »

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  • 013144f_av619u_c-target-ring-game

    At some point in time, it happens to all golfers, amateurs and professionals alike. We start swinging faster and try to do too much with the ball, and we lose our natural golf swing rhythm. There’s no shame it noticing that it’s happened to your swing. Once you figure out that something doesn’t feel right,… Read more »

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  • 013136f_av611u_c-left-arm-only-drill

    Oftentimes golfers start to develop a mistimed swing because they lose control of their trailing arm. For right-handed golfers, this means their left arm falls out of sync with their right, which is either pushing or dragging. If you’re right-handed and you’ve noticed that your left arm in your golf swing is doing a little… Read more »

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  • pga-011926f_av567u_c-holding-the-club-properly-free

    A good grip is the foundation for a good golf game. When you grip the golf club correctly, you set yourself up to execute and get everything else right. When you grip the club incorrectly, you make the game harder than it needs to be. So in this lesson, we teach you how to hold… Read more »

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  • pga-011920f_av561u_c-door-to-success-free

    Every player is guilty of losing their golf swing plane at one time or another, no matter whether they’re first timers or ten-time tour champions. If you find that you can’t seem to hit the ball straight, more often than not it’s because you’re swinging over the top. By making a slight adjustment in your… Read more »

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