• Advanced Putting

    In this segment PGA teaching pro Christopher Smith talks about some things you can do to make some more putts. As Christopher mentions the two most important things to focus on are green reading and getting your ball started on line. Christopher demonstrated the use of a tool called the “putting tutor” to help you determine which of those two areas you might be lacking in. Next Dr. Jim Suttie and Kevin Weeks provide tips for becoming more consistent with your short putts.

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  • Good Putting Practice

    In this video you’ll learn about good putting practice. PGA Professional Adam Smith explains the basic elements of a good putting stroke and grip and shows you several drills to help improve your putting stroke. You’ll learn about the reverse overlap grip and the ideal ball position for putting. At the end of the video, you’ll learn a great putting drill from PGA Professional Tom Henderson to help make sure you don’t miss any 2 foot putts on the course.

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  • Perfecting Putting Distance

    Perfecting putting distance will eliminate costly 3-putts and knock strokes off of your score. Although it is important to pay attention to the break of the putt, PGA professional Rodney Green shows you why it’s even more important to pay attention pay attention to the pace. Watch this video and get some great tips to help perfect putting distance.

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  • Improving Putting Accuracy

    Every golfer wants to improve their putting accuracy. In this video, PGA professional Jay Overton shows you a simple “circle” progression drill. This drill is easy to do and it effectively incorporates different angels and different distances for you to practice. This drill brings awareness to your backswing, follow-through, how fast the green is and how fast your ball should be traveling. Include this drill in your practice regiment and you will improve your putting accuracy.

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  • Distance Control

    Learn how to improve your putting distance control. PGA Professional Mike Davis teaches you how to be a better putter by developing your feel for distance control. He explains how to gather data on the putting green to feed your subconscious mind. You will also learn several helpful putting drills and how to create a routine on the putting green. By practicing your routine and developing your feel, you’ll stop focusing on your mechanics and have better distance control.

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  • Putting Length Drill

    Every golfer knows the frustration of having a putt come up short. In the Putting Length Drill, PGA professional Michael Breed discusses the reasons for this and illustrates several drills to help eliminate the problem. In this lesson you will learn the principle of target putting and how it can help prevent the short putt. Another key to accurate putting is speed, and to help you with this Michael demonstrates a unique two ball drill that will help you to visualize and then execute that perfect putt.

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  • Putting Under Pressure

    Everyone knows that putting is more challenging is pressure situations. In Putting Under Pressure PGA professionals Mike Davis and Chip Koehlke teach you some practical ways to improve your putting performance when it really counts. In this lesson you will learn some practical techniques that will help you control anxiety and tension so you can relax and concentrate on your best putt. You will also discover what causes the “˜yips’ and learn how a simple 2 ball putting drill can help you maintain proper stroke length and rhythm technique in pressure situations.

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  • Putting From Off the Green

    Selecting between a putter and a wedge when just off the green can be a difficult choice. In Putting From Off The Green PGA professional Mike Davis discusses the factors that go into making the correct selection for you. In this lesson you will learn what types of lies and distances favor each different club selection. The decision often simply comes down to which shot can be executed more confidently. To help you determine your individual strengths, Mike demonstrates a unique “21” practice drill that will help you determine whether a putter of wedge is the best choice for you.

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  • The Texas Wedge

    In The Texas Wedge PGA professional Michael Breed demonstrates the proper conditions and techniques needed to successfully utilize your putter from the fringe. In this lesson you will learn to identify the grass conditions that allow for the successful use of a putter when just off the green. Michael also demonstrates how to set up, practice and execute the perfect Texas wedge putt.

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