• Golf Putting Drills and Practice Session

    PGA Professional Robert Stocke teaches you a few drills and techniques you can utilize in order to improve your short game and work towards lowering your score. He demonstrates a putting drill that focuses on distance control and direction, and the goal is to lag your putts to within three feet of the hole. You…

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  • Compass Out Drill

    Heading out to a course you haven’t played before? Follow PGA Professional Joe Hallett’s quick and easy way to help you get familiar with the greens. Work on your aim and speed by using his “Compass Out Drill.” See what he does to familiarize himself with the condition of the greens and learn the three…

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  • Putting: Better Feel and More Success

    PGA Professionals Chip Koehlke, Trent Wearner and Ali Jean Wells teach you about a few important concepts that you can focus on to improve your putting game. Chip shows you how to get a better feel for the longer putts that you encounter in a typical round by understanding how to properly manage the length…

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  • Putting Games

    Reliable short game skills are often the separator between the average amateur and a tournament favorite. The distance of your drives and the accuracy of your approach shots are wasted if you regularly falter around the green, and the best players know the key to a consistent short game is practice. There’s no secret method,…

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  • Uphill, Downhill and Side Hill Putts

    Michael Breed discusses the proper way to approach putts that amateur golfers tend to panic over: downhill, uphill and side hill putts. One of the common mistakes that golfers will make on uneven level putts is trying to hit the golf ball with a different part of the putter head to take speed off of…

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  • Controlling the Yips

    The yips plague every golfer at some point, and it can be very frustrating, but there are ways to counteract the unwelcome pushing or pulling that you’re encountering when you putt the golf ball. Michael Breed believes that a simple change in grip – whether you experiment with a “claw” grip or alter the placement…

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  • Putting Distance Control

    Michael Breed and Krista Dunton give you some ideas that you can use to practice controlling the distance of your putts. Michael recommends placing a club shaft just past the hole, and using it as a reference point for your putts. Try getting your lag putts as close as you can to the shaft until…

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  • Mental Side of Putting

    Krista Dunton stresses the importance of treating every putt equally and maintaining a strong mental state. Rather than assuming that you won’t make a twenty foot breaking putt and telling yourself that you have to make a six foot putt, give yourself a chance for every shot. You can do this by preparing and rehearsing…

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  • Putting Drills and Games

    The practice putting green is the perfect place to work out kinks in your game, improve your technique and develop your most consistent stroke. However, because no one is watching and you’re not keeping score while you practice, there is no pressure. The relaxed environment of training doesn’t carry over to the course, where at…

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