• 2:43

    Watch this video for help with your putting stroke by figuring out if you’re naturally an arc or a pendulum putter and how to succeed at either type.

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  • 3:06

    Get your long putts within three feet of the hole with these tips on putting distance control. Our pro discusses the length of the backswing and more.

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  • 6:03

    In this video, Mike Davis with the PGA discusses many of the different elements that make up a great putting stroke. There are a lot of different ways and many tips on putting out there, but the one he teaches his students the most is a simple pendulum stroke. Follow along as he breaks this…

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  • Golf Putting Techniques to Help You Establish a Routine

    To be a consistently good putter, you should establish a routine to use every time without fail. In this video, Southwest Nevada Section Teacher of the Year Mike Davis provides some key golf putting techniques for a successful routine. Follow along demonstrates how to evaluate your putt by walking around in several different areas. Different…

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  • Perfecting Your Putting

    “PGA golf professionals Suzy Whaley and Gary Bates teach you some simple directional and distance-control putting drills you can use to lower your score and reduce the amount of frustration you feel on the green. The key to these drills is repetition – once you can get comfortable draining 3-, 6- and 9-foot putts consistently…

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  • Putting Drills for the Green: Putt and Listen

    Unless your mental game is utterly perfect, chances are short putts make your palms sweat. It goes against all logic, right–the short putt should be easy, the long putts should be the ones that give you stress. Just three feet to put the ball in the hole; why should that be so hard? However, something…

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  • Putting Fundamentals: The 4 P's of Putting

    Putting strokes account for 43 percent of average golfers score. So if you want to lower your score, improving your putting is the easiest way to accomplish that. Watch Warren Bottke’s tips and techniques on the four basic P’s of putting. Putter head, path, pace and position. Combining these four P’s together will ensure an…

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  • Knocking the Ball Off the Lip

    Here’s a great putting drill by PGA Professional Robert Stocke to help you visualize the proper pace of your putts and tap into your athletic ability. He demonstrates a drill where you place a ball on the lip of the cup and practice putting your ball to tap the other ball into the hole. This…

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  • In the Dark Ladder Drill

    Do you intend on lowering your score? Joseph Hallett, PGA Certified Professional will teach you a special putting drill to help you do just that. This basic ladder, with a twist, will help you judge distance and get your ball closer to the hole. Here’s to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel…

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