• How to make more putts

    Do you find yourself barely missing a high percentage of your putts, skirting the edge or lipping out more often than you’d like? Lip-outs can be very frustrating, but the good news is they’re better than undershooting or overshooting the hole by six inches. Even so, we understand it’s easy to get aggravated when you… Read more »

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  • Practice Game: Putts with Break

    Breaking putts on ultra-fast, sloping greens are the stuff of nightmares for most amateur putters. They’re hard to read and just about impossible to sink, right? What if we told you you’re overthinking the break and tracking it the wrong way? In this lesson, we’ll let you in on a little secret for reading the… Read more »

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  • 013142f_av617u_c-puttting-stroke-arc-vs-pendulum

    Do you know whether you’re an arc putter or a pendulum putter? Do you know how to make that distinction. It turns out the answer is pretty simple, and it can have a profound effect on the way you approach each and every putt. In this lesson, we teach you a few basic golf putting… Read more »

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  • 013135f_av610u_c-inside-the-pizza-putting-drill

    It’s the simplest putting tips that make you pause and say, “Boy, it really shouldn’t be that hard, should it?” All it takes to put the ball in the hole is a good eye and the right power. Sounds easy, right? Well, we all need a little reminder now and then, which is why we… Read more »

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  • pga-011932f_av573u_c-putting-confidence-short-putt-free

    Only the pros have what it takes to consistently sink short putts, right? Aren’t amateurs perpetually doomed to miss more knee-knockers than they make? No! Get the idea out of your head right now that you can’t drain every single short putt that you step up to. Is it out of your head? Good, then… Read more »

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  • pga-011930f_av571u_c-putting-rhythm-tee-drill-premium

    Every golfer does distance control a little differently when they step up to a long putt. Some rely on their body’s internal rhythm to feel out the tempo of their putting swing, while others focus solely on the size of their putting swing. This is one of the facets of the game where personal preference… Read more »

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  • pga-011924f_av565u_c-putting-practice-premium

    If you’re struggling to find your groove on the putting green, there are countless techniques, tricks and drills you can test out to discover how to putt better. All PGA professionals and swing coaches have their preferred method for helping a golfer improve their putting game. Some break down your stance or grip to find… Read more »

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  • PGA 011914f_AV555U_c Mastering Short Putting FREE

    Want to know the secret to a lower score that doesn’t involve cranking your drives and holing out from the bunkers? It’s a skill that can be perfected by professionals and amateurs alike, and all it takes is a small change in mentality and alignment. The secret to lowering your scores is burying those knee… Read more »

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  • 011909f_AV550U_c

    Watch this video for help with your putting stroke by figuring out if you’re naturally an arc or a pendulum putter and how to succeed at either type.

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