• 2:37

    How to Hit Perfect Flop Shots

    In this quick video lesson, PGA Professional Gary Bates teaches you the expert technique for nailing flop shots around the green. To perfectly execute this shot that stops dead on the putting surface, you’d do best to have a 60-degree wedge (or greater, if available). You need as much loft as possible to pull off…

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  • 4:02

    Dialing for Distance: Controlling Your Pitch Shots

    Everyone knows the length of the backswing is the key to proper distance control with a pitching wedge. That’s common sense. But do you know how to ensure the length of your backswing is correct for each and every distance you encounter on the golf course? If you said the answer is practice, you’re spot…

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  • 3:39

    Golf Techniques for Pitching Versatility: The Clock Method

    Do you ever feel as if your short game is one-dimensional, like you know how to get the ball onto the green and near your target, but not much else? Pitching versatility is one of the components of a good short game that separates capable golfers from great golfers. But how can you become more…

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  • 2:13

    Leap Frog Golf Chipping Game for Better Short Game

    They don’t call them the scoring shots for nothing. Pitches around the green are crucial for a solid score, as accuracy with the short stick can often mean the difference between tap-in up-and-down and three-putt from fifty feet. That’s why PGA Professional Michael Peterson spends so much time working with his students on their pitching…

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  • 2:11

    Adjust Golf Pitch Trajectory By Leaning the Shaft

    In this quick lesson, PGA Professional Rafael Floriani teaches you an expert secret for changing the trajectory of your golf pitch, which can come in handy depending whether you need your ball to roll out or stop dead on the putting surface. He introduces a couple important short game tips, and demonstrates how to execute…

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  • 2:53

    Divot Chipping Around the Green: Playing Golf’s Toughest Trouble Shots

    So your approach shot has ended up short of the green and rolled into someone else’s divot. There are two ways you can react to trouble shots such as this: snap your pitching wedge over your knee and curse the god that made the golfer who left their divot, or view this as a beautiful…

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  • 1:35

    PGA’s Favorite Golf Pitching Drills: The Held Release Drill

    Pitching is one of the most important components of scoring as well as success on the golf course, in general. You can easily make up and drop crucial strokes by honing in with the wedge and putting your 20-25 yard approach shots close. The standard pitch is a relatively simple shot to hit, if you…

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  • 6:14

    Expert Golf Short Game Advice for Perfect Pitches and Chips

    A topnotch golf short game is mostly about touch and precise distance control, but it’s also largely based in repetition, decision making and proper technique. The greatest players separate themselves around the green by choosing the right club, finding their mark and executing time after time, whether just off the fringe or twenty feet from…

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  • 4:38

    Improving Pitch Direction Control with Golf Pitching Drills

    Do you know the difference between chipping and pitching? That’s step one; now, step two: do you know how to control the direction of your pitch shots? Direction control is vital for establishing and maintaining a consistent short game, and it’s often what separates bad rounds from good rounds and good rounds from great. To…

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