• PGA 013929f_AV644U_c The Rope Drill PREMIUM

    Do you know the difference between chipping and pitching? That’s step one; now, step two: do you know how to control the direction of your pitch shots? Direction control is vital for establishing and maintaining a consistent short game, and it’s often what separates bad rounds from good rounds and good rounds from great. To… Read more »

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  • PGA 010743f_AV508u_c

    Want to know how do you get more consistent with your wedges? Follow along with PGA Professional Robert Stocke as he demonstrates tips and techniques to become more comfortable using your wedge. The first step is to understand the bounce of your wedge. Practice these bounce drills and really focus on trying to make the… Read more »

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  • 009633f_AV491u_c

    Watch this video for great ways to improve and practice your chipping with these golf chipping drills, tips and techniques from PGA teacher, Suzy Whaley.

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  • Flop Shot

    It happens to us all as spectators: On Sunday at a critical junction, you watch one of the game’s best fall into a treacherous greenside location and you rule them out of the running. You think, there’s no way he can set himself up for a makeable putt from that spot; but then he pulls… Read more »

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  • How to Take Your Golf Short Game to the Next Level

    Do you have enough versatility in your golf short game to help you get up and down the green from the different situations you’ll face? In the first part of this video, PGA Professional Christopher Smith walks you through four steps to help enhance the versatility and creativity in your golf short game. In the… Read more »

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  • Golf Drills: Two Club Drill to Eliminate Flips in Your Short Game

    In this golf drills video, PGA Professional Robert Stocke demonstrates a two club drill to help eliminate flips around the green when pitching or chipping. Let the two clubs work around and away from your body creating a pivot and bend in your lower hand. Then drop the second club and practice the new motion… Read more »

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  • Severe Sidehill From Deep Rough

    PGA Professional Kevin Weeks shows you the proper technique and a great tip to help when your ball lands in deep rough on a side-hill by the green. He demonstrates the low, balanced stance, angle of attack and held finish that will successfully execute the shoot. Then he’ll provide a drill where you place a… Read more »

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  • Perfecting Your Pitching

    The vast majority of amateur golfers hit only a few greens in regulation per round, which means they’re spending a lot of time around the green with a wedge in their hand. That begs the question, if a golfer’s most common third or fourth shot is a chip or a pitch, shouldn’t they practice their… Read more »

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  • Knock Down Shot

    It may go by multiple names, but PGA Instructor Mike Peterson says this shot will improve your swing while adding a shot to your arsenal. The Knock Down Shot is an abbreviated swing used for short distance shots. Mike demonstrates the shot using a wedge. Follow along and learn this low-flying shot.

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