• Cable Lifts

    Cable Lifts

    In this series of exercises, we’ll show you how execute Cable Lifts. Learning to keep your body stable through rotation by utilizing these exercices will help increase the rotational movement in your golf swing.

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  • Cable Chops

    Cable Chops

    In this video, we look at stabilization exercises with a chopping motion from several different positions. The added core strength is critical to the transfer of energy that takes place during a golf shot.

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  • Cable Exercises

    Cable Exercises

    In this video, Director of Fitness for the PGA of America David Donatucci demonstrates several cable exercises designed to improve your golf game. Stabilization through the center of the body is key. All of the exercises in this class will allow for better golf posture, more flexibility on your swing and more power through contact…

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  • Warming Up and Getting Loose

    Warming Up and Getting Loose

    Suzy Whaley and Gary Bates discuss one of the most overlooked components of the game of golf: stretching. They demonstrate several of the essential stretches you should use to warm up and prepare your body before you even swing a golf club. You’ll learn how to use foam rollers to alleviate the tightness from your…

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  • golf fitness exercises

    Golf Fitness Exercises for Better Strength and Posture

    Proper golf posture is a component of the game that many amateur golfers overlook when working at the range. But the fact is, good posture is essential for a well structured, powerful and accurate swing. If you can maintain a comfortable and balanced stance, you set yourself up for a more consistent golf stroke. And…

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  • Warm-Up Routine

    Golf Warm-Up Routine

    This video talks about the importance of a proper warm-up, and you’ll see a great routine you can use before your next round. You’ll also learn why warming-up is actually better than stretching, especially before playing a round of golf. Watch as our fitness expert and his assistant demonstrate various exercises to activate and loosen up your body from head to toe prior to practicing or playing.

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  • Creating Good Standing Posture and Golf Posture

    Creating Good Standing Posture and Golf Posture

    In this video our fitness expert talks about the importance of posture in the game of golf. At the beginning of the video you’ll see some examples of bad posture so you know what to avoid, then you’ll learn what makes for good golf posture. Last but not least you’ll learn several exercises and movements you can use to improve your posture both on and off the golf course.

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  • Torso Rotations

    Torso Rotations

    One of the best ways to increase power in your golf swing is to increase your torso rotation. In this video our fitness expert and his assistant demonstrate several ways to go about increasing your shoulder and torso rotation. You’ll learn exercises you can use either by yourself using a band, or with a partner to get a little extra torso strength and speed in your golf swing.

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  • Maintaining Posture

    Golf Swing Posture Tips and Exercises

    This video looks at maintaining good posture throughout your golf swing. Most people start their golf swing with good posture but their posture quickly worsens as their swing progresses. This video will show you a few exercises to help combat this. Most people perform their core strengthening exercises on the ground, and in this video you’ll learn why you should instead do them standing up.

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