• 5:10

    The Clock Method: A PGA Pro’s Favorite Launch Angle Golf Drill

    We’ve often found that when both amateur and professional golfers miss their target to the left or right, it’s because their launch angle is wrong. All golf clubs have a designated degree of loft that, when utilized properly, does the work of trajectory for you. There’s no need to try to make a club do…

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  • 1:34

    Building a Better Golf Backswing: The Takeaway Drill

    Muscle memory is established through repetition. The only way to reach the point where your body knows better than your brain is to continuously practice the same proper technique until the movement is second nature. Therefore, if you’ve developed a golf backswing with improper mechanics, correction of those poor mechanics can only come through repeated…

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  • 2:55

    Golf Tips for Seniors: How to Get More Power

    No matter whether you’re a weekend warrior or the Golden Bear himself, we all lose power on our golf swing as we age. It’s just a fact of life that we can’t put as much oomph on the ball as we used to. However, while you may not ever get your longest drive back, there…

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  • 2:06

    Offseason Golf Training: Tips and Tools for Improvement

    A drop in temperature might spell the end of your season out on the course, but it doesn’t have to mean you pack away the clubs until next year. The winter months are the perfect time for major improvements to your swing, and with some proper offseason golf training you can ensure you keep your…

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  • 6:13

    Medicine Ball Golf Workouts for Greater Power and Control

    If you’re looking to gain more distance with any club in your hands, but changes to your swing don’t seem to have any effect, it might be time to pick up a med ball. Golfers of all skill levels can tack on extra yards and become more accurate with their every stroke by strengthening their…

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  • 11:30

    Swiss Ball Core Work

    In this video, David Donatucci demonstrates golf fitness exercises using a Swiss ball. Using an unstable object will create lengthening and contracting of the muscle groups. On the course, these will help with your shoulder turns, stability in the hip, and strength within your core. It’s also important to master each exercise on the Swill…

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  • 5:04

    Swiss Ball Exercises for Golf

    In this video, David Donatucci demonstrates swiss ball exercises for golf players that focus on strengthening your core. The goal is to control the object that is unstable, the swiss ball in this situation, which will help you control the middle of your body and maintain the different positions needed in a good golf swing.…

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  • 10:39

    Golf Core Exercises

    In this video, David Donatucci demonstrates golf exercises focused on strengthening your core by doing floor exercises. Performing these exercises on your back and stomach will activate and strengthen core muscle groups helping keep you more stable and strong throughout your swing. Follow along as he shows you different levels of difficulty within these exercises.

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  • Golf Fitness Exercises for Creating Upper Body Speed

    Golf Fitness Exercises for Creating Upper Body Speed

    In this video, David Donatucci focuses on upper body speed. He’ll demonstrate several rotational motion golf fitness exercises that will help you shift the weight of your body from one side to the other when swinging. The added power from your hips, legs and core will transfer energy to the club head at impact creating…

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